In a time like this,
Pending on my worries,
Coupled with my memories,
To make my pen my friend,
With the aid from my mind.

To take my rest,
Memories ecoes my mind,
Nak nak it hits my brain,
To bring a better bonding bitter,
Restlessness becomes the music for the party.

In a time like this,
Comes memoes again,
Gained the joyful moments of my time,
Took me back in my school days,
Which was a bitter sweet experience.

As still swimming in memorie's ocean,
About to be drowned by lots of memoes,
Recalled my wonder classmates,
Dressed in their noble robe of navy blue and sky blue,
Which looks cool and good more than it looks.

Like the stars in heaven,
And the moon in the horizon,
Grant me my wish,
The blissful moments spent together,
Shall come again for us to gather.

Praying not in scarcity,
But in a plentiful incident without a pity,
This I have been waiting for ,
In a time like this.