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  • Lost In Silence
    Hush! Hush! It hits the background,
    Flip flap becomes the atmosphere,
    Hightened senses emerges from ground,
    To gaze the peak of the absurd. ...
  • In A Time Like This
    In a time like this,
    Pending on my worries,
    Coupled with my memories,
    To make my pen my friend, ...
  • My Wishes My Dreams
    This is the day I've been waiting for
    Guess my mates also been waiting for too
    To drop the stick used for writing
    To say bye to long rods ...
  • The Beauty Of Nature
    The beautiful hand made of God
    Beautiful beyond imagination
    Astonished only by your good
    Which can have no limitation ...
  • This Is Home
    Is this a dream?
    No, should I call it a revelation?
    No it's a reality
    That I've found home. ...
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  • Aspire to acquire that desire which you admire.
  • Strive to conquer,cos they are gonna try to kick your butt off,but when you are strong and wise you stand your ground.
  • Try to wipe a tear today,cos that tear you wiped may wipe yours tomorrow.
  • In every minute of your life, try to bring out a smile from someone`s face.
  • When they think you are nothing, but you are trying to be something, show them you can do more than they expect. Finally, ignore the noise and face your dream.
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