Everyone has alot of friends
Many are close among these friends
But only one is best
Among the rest
With whom he wants to enjoy chill and share every thing
Whom he wants to fit in his life like finger with tight ring
That's how I selected the best of all
Who hold me when I fall
Abdullah is his name
And babloo nickname
We started when I entered the school
Where he was already studying
We used to sit together
And day by day our friendship became more stronger
He was very unique
That's why for him I seek
Friends are partner in crime
But he tought me good everytime
But then he switched to other school
We were sad but ok its cool
It became like long distance friendships
Now we live with memories in mind in clips
Now we live memorizing those days
But still have little hopful rays
I believe we will share same flat
When we go to study at same state
Hope our fortune will turn up
And our duo will again build up