What you had yesterday that
I have today and what
I have today
That must be yours tomorrow.
We have been made
Solely to perform on stage
In well and woe.
Just think...
What if we were not born?
We'd not feel the
Gentle touch of mother,
The sweet
Fragrance of flower,
The appearance
Of the sun,
The delectable call of fountain,
And the taste
Of our paradisiacal earth.
But today we have
All together in compact.
Still Time will come
To take all away.
He needs no permission at all.
All possessions must be
Like dust in the storm.
Our stone like body will remain
Under the jolly sky,
On the motherly
Ground around the sweet smells.
But how much pain
When we'll wish to
Have them all to quench
The heavy hearts but fail.
I can't hold...I can't hold...
More painful when
Dear mother will say, 'O my gold,
Wake up! Wake up!'
And I can't get up even if
I understand her motherly voice.