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PixiedustJtT: A Valais blacknose lamb bred by Chris Slee and Tom Hooper on their farm in Devon. Lambs from the breed can fetch up to £10,000 each – about 40 times the price of a standard farm animal – as pets Credit: Mark Passmore/Apex News via The Times Ickle! Chops!

CamdenMarz: I’ve always liked Tom Izzo. If I was hooper I would’ve went there

Cine_Craft: "The King’s Speech" (2010) Dir : Tom Hooper

lpgaertner: Why am I listening to the soundtrack of Tom Hooper’s Cats?

TheBoyerCannon: hi okay the biggest betrayal of the cats movie is having powerhouse Jennifer Hudson sing memory in cry voice when we know she is perfectly capable of expressing desperately sad emotion (did tom hooper not watch Dreamgirls???)

dementedkirby: But why not Cats? If I want to put myself through the displeasure of seeing Tom Hooper’s ridiculous closeups in 4K, it would be with that Also, I hope that is the actual artwork

BBrental_eu: 1/ "The King's Speech" (2010) Director: Tom Hooper Cinematographer/DP: Danny Cohen Camera: ARRICAM Lite (LT) and ARRICAM Studio (ST) Film: Fujifilm Eterna and Fujifilm Super F-Series F-64D Lenses: Zeiss Master Prime Lenses

MsMigot: A Valais blacknose lamb bred by Chris Slee and Tom Hooper on their farm in Devon. Lambs from the breed can fetch up to £10,000 each – about 40 times the price of a standard farm animal – as pets Credit: Mark Passmore/Apex News via The Times

samburger9296: It was more than a decade ago but Tom Hooper for King’s Speech over David Fincher for Social Network has aged very poorly.

KingMoleMan: Tom Hooper lmao

lawakboxd: 2011: Nomonasi 1. Black Swan 2. 127 Hours 3. The Fighter 4. The Kids Are All Right 5. Toy Story 3 6. Inception 7. The King’s Speech 8. The Social Network 9. True Grit 10. Winter's Bone Winner : The King's Speech. 2011 Tom Hooper

xandyeugh: Directors who have directed the most number of Oscar-winning performances since 2010: Tom Hooper: Firth, Hathaway, Vikander. DOR: Leo, Bale, Lawrence. The Daniels: Quan, Yeoh, Curtis Darren Aronofsky: Portman, Fraser Damien Chazelle: Simmons, Stone

amoviepitchbot: Gary Oldman and a turtle named Candy share a special bond in this Tom Hooper sad fantasy

FeauxDoadles: Sam Mendes and Tom Hooper have best director Oscars. Not really bothered who else gets one lol

SponsoredByH20: BREAKING "Cats" and "Les Mis" director Tom Hooper directing reshoots for "The Little Mermaid" to film Halle Bailey singing "Part of that World" while actually at the bottom of the ocean [Source: James Gunn]

MarkAschParody: the ground is shifting under our feet: at the start of the 2010s, David Fincher was too edgy to beat Tom Hooper; at the start of the 2020s he was too stodgy to beat Chloé Zhao

michiruze: so i remember seeing an article that describes Tom Hooper's THE KING'S SPEECH (2010) as 'Shein Stanley Kubrick' and that explains A LOT why LES MISERABLES (2012) didn't work for me

michiruze: the article in case anyone is trying to find it: (warning: caps lock since this reviewer's style is Hulk Smash)

damnse1fly: nts tom hooper did not direct texas chain saw massacre

JoeEMatz: Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan Tom Hooper over David Fincher Argo over Lincoln for Adapted Screenplay Frances McDormand over Saoirse Ronan Oscar Isaac never being nominated when he should have multiple wins (Llewyn Davis & Ex Machina)

EdgarCo63443662: In 'The King's Speech,' patriotism is utterly contained within a historical moment, the third of September, 1939, where the aggressor is clear, the fight is clear, it hasn't become complicated over time.,Tom Hooper,Time, Fight, Moment ,

WarShark4Eva: CAT (2014-2016, TV series) CATS (2019, Tom Hooper) CAT III (a category of movies in Great Britain)

robmacfarlane16: Tom Hooper’s West Side Story

P0LLYGRAY: What is going on with the Tom hooper close up

mschwartz95: Is Tom Hooper filming this performance?

jackEdaytona: The Oscars look like they’re directed by Tom Hooper with that close up on Gaga

SamuelDMiller: This musical number is directed by Tom Hooper

ThatJakePC: Tom Hooper directing this Lady Gaga performance

devinlandin: Is Tom Hooper directing this Lady Gaga segment?

monumentaljew: is tom hooper directing this shit ??

brenmitchell: Is Tom Hooper directing this Gaga performance

fleMitchfilm: This Lady Gaga performance was brought to you by Tom Hooper

sk8r_l8r: Tom Hooper directing this Gaga performance

GrossmanMax: Is Tom Hooper filming Lady Gaga's performance.

aguirreryan: Is Tom Hooper directing this performance

mavericksmovies: Shooting most of that Gaga performance in right closeups. Did Tom Hooper direct?

leahmarilla: who let Tom hooper in here

attractivesheep: Remember when Tom Hooper won best director lol

vesperlynds: tom hooper winning over david fincher in 2011: traumatizing

moliner_marc: Cats, 2019 Dir: Tom Hooper

Geniusbastard: Benigni beating Nick Nolte’s last great performance. Hopkins beating Boseman. Emma Stone beating Huppert. Tom Hooper beating David Fincher. Hazanavicius beating Malick. Argo beating Zero Dark Thirty.

FremontTribune: Hooper-native Tom Hoegemeyer was honored in late February for his lifetime achievements in corn science and the corn industry by the Nebraska Corn Board.

TheBWRSpace: With the events in who do we thing is favourite going in? Mitch Hooper? Novikov? Kieliszkowski? Tom Stoltman? Trey Mitchell?

BlindManBaldwin: tom hooper should direct a basketball movie

whattheshot: What movie directed by Tom Hooper lies behind this shot? 5 min to answer!

CinemaMio: Eddie Redmayne The Danish Girl - 2015 diretto da Tom Hooper

DerekMilman: many yrs ago when I was shooting HBO's JOHN ADAMS miniseries, I was on set and the "Etiquette coach" was late. "You had all morning!" Tom Hooper screamed at her when she finally appeared. This is me at Miscosoft AutoUpdate appearing every time I sit down to write.

hughcavill: The only thing I'd suggest to Eddie is a few more left field picks in his napkin XV. Give it some sugar to get people going. A few suggestions: - Archer Holz - Nathan Cleary - Tom Carter - Michael Hooper... at 12

Cinemartistry: The King's Speech (2010) Director: Tom Hooper Cinematographer: Danny Cohen

JohnDiLillo: marty only has one! marty should not have as many best director oscars as tom hooper

prussianpott: Tom Hooper is a menace to society

beguiled2017: taylor to tom hooper when she signed on to cats:

vincentingraojr: - The King's Speech (2010), by Tom Hooper - Moon (2009), by Duncan Jones - Little Women (2019), by Greta Gerwig - Ford v Ferrari (2019), by James Mangold - Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988), by Giuseppe Tornatore - Darkest Hour (2017), by Joe Wright 3/5

Perfectshots247: 7 favorite Directors to get to know me! • Jonathan Demme • Steven Spielberg • Quentin Tarantino • David Fincher • Tim Burton • Tom Hooper • Max Ophüls

Variety: Tom Sizemore has died after being taken off life support, his manager Charles Lago confirmed to Variety. The 61-year-old actor suffered a brain aneurysm on Feb. 18.

DJobling: Archipelago’s production of Women of Troy, adapted by Tom Wright and Barrie Kosky; cast includes Sarah Peirse, Jane Johnson, Marta Dusseldorp, Angela Mahlatjie and Guy Hooper, directed by Ben Winspear new score by Katie Noonan, libretto by Behrouz Boochani

_fabulousty: Cats (2019), dir. Tom Hooper

SamEverard1: After directing CATS, the marketing for every one of his subsequent movies (even if it’s a ‘prestige’ Oscar-bait drama) should have a line in the trailer that goes “from the twisted mind of Tom Hooper!”

spenserwillden: In “Climbing Uphill” from The Last Five Years Cathy says she’s auditioning for the same people who cast Russell Crowe in a musical. That’s Tom Hooper. Tom Hooper’s next movie was Cats. Cathy is auditioning for Cats.

prolecloud: Cats (2019, dir. Tom Hooper)

JMichaelMumme: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010, Fincher): Another year I didn't even have to check. And the year that made Tom Hooper my enemy for life, cause THIS is the real best picture of the year, not the infernal King's Speech. I hate when people call this "the facebook movie" too, btw.

MisterMets: Tom Hooper is **. There is no rush for a streaming service to showcase his oeuvre. Cats was a flop, although a further issue is that he’s not prolific in terms of other work.

RTE_GUIDE: Our Movie to Watch is The King's Speech (2010). Tom Hooper’s superb drama offered Colin Firth the role of his career (and an Oscar) as the reluctant king who overcame a speech impediment. (11.30pm BBC Two)

amoviepitchbot: Catherine Keener and Nick Offerman talk about Star Wars while they travel across Europe in this Tom Hooper road trip movie

Juese: I think he's leaning into the joke, and after years of 'what about Tom B--?!', a funny joke. I don't know how it gets financed, but bring Tom "Bombadil" Hooper and I'll see your cursed movie.

frannymestrich: tom hooper could have won best picture if he cast nick jonas as marius

alltoowitch: wait so tom hooper (les mis, cats movie director) does not have a career anymore?

eastgorteau: tom hooper i am in ur walls

amoviepitchbot: Harrison Ford and Ken Leung spend a night walking around Porto Alegre and talking about Game of Thrones in this Tom Hooper film

TheCinesthetic: The King’s Speech (2010) dir. Tom Hooper

rapscallison: anyway if you want to invite me on your podcast for an episode titled "What Is and Isn't Wrong With Tom Hooper's Les Mis" I am free at the drop of a hat

amoviepitchbot: Viggo Mortensen challenges Samuel L. Jackson in a FIFA match in this tragic Tom Hooper movie

JasonSt77097165: Weekdays: 6:00 AM - Looney Tunes (x2) 7:00 AM - The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show (x2) 8:00 AM - The Flintstones (x2) 9:00 AM - Underdog 9:30 AM - Hoppity Hooper 10:00 AM - Tom & Jerry (x2) 11:00 AM - Inspector Gadget (1983-86) (x2) 12:00 Noon - The Smurfs (1981-90) (x2)

leahmarilla: this also has a sick Tom Hooper burn the likes of which you’ll NEVER hear from him again and also Ariana is in this number lol

benny_alexander: 2. Tom Hooper's injury. A tremendous player with a bright future. And I hope his back to back serious injuries is just back luck. Prediction: Semi Final. Thoughts?

gaviolajemari: Petition for Tom Hooper to releasethe full version of Drink With Me!! It has been 10 years. I need closure for Enjolras and R.

NickTagliaferro: do you think Donald Trump liked CATS (2019, dir. Tom Hooper)

TheKennyMadison: Things I'm learning while listening to Tom Hooper's commentary for Cats: Apparently, the movie is set in the 1930s. Because he felt it important to connect with when it was written.

LanceStLaurent: Get ready to join the august ranks of Michael Hazanavichus, Tom Hooper, Barry Levinson, and Robert Benton, fellas

JoshNyland: tom hooper’s les mis eats why lie

usualavantgarde: ORANGE Life of Pi (2012) - Ang Lee The King's Speech (2010) - Tom Hooper Taste of Cherry (1997) - Abbas Kiarostami The Handmaiden (2016) - Park Chan-Wook

maryammosuro: 1) Call me by your name (2017) Dir. Luca Guadagnino 2) The Great Gatsby (2013) Dir. Baz Luhrmann 3) The Godfather (1972) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola 4) Les Misérables (2012) Dir. Tom Hooper

shrimpfriedizzy: can u imagine if the first movie u ever saw was directed by tom hooper i would kill myself on the spot

ladygwyndolin: Tom hooper is still on my shit list for les mis. An injustice of a film. Abhorrent both from a filmmaking perspective and from a musical theater perspective. Atrocious, atrocious stuff

PopcornDigest: Gareth and Andy lose their minds discussing the madness of Tom Hooper's CATS.

ImperialMince: So, is it weird to be still talking about Tom Hooper's Cats?

MrPhilNorman: Of course, this has nothing on the Tom Hooper era. Dutch angles galore, unmotivated lurches into handheld quivervision, and every other scene beginning or ending with the classic "just remembered something in The Beano" top shot immortalised by Victoria Wood.

_eldondiego: The King's Speech (2010) - Tom Hooper ⭐⭐⭐

Will_Kellogg: Me talking to Tom Hooper about Cats (2019)

marcherwitch: ... ... i... do musicals count? cos my 24601 t hasn't been in circulation since tom hooper...hopper... since the movie!

The_Fence_Mag: Adam Boulton, Tom Hooper and Alan Yentob live on the Instagram stories…

ColdMilk289: wsm 2023 prediction: 1 Tom Stoltman 2 Mateusz 3 Mitch Hooper 4 wide pavlo 5 Maxime Boudreault 6 Trey Mitchell 7 Brain Shaw 8 Aivars Smaukstelis 9 Boobby Thompson 10 Konstantine Janashia

ColdMilk289: also like a 20% chance for mitch hooper or Pavlo Nakonechnyy to Sweep in and take that title. I do think if tom puts up a performance like he's been doing in his past shows its gonna be a decisive win. Dude is basically just Brian shaw 2.0 but younger and faster

neonwhite900: Congratulations to Warner Bros for making a movie that looks so horrifically ugly it gives Tom Hooper's 'Cats' a run for it's money.

jimmijares1: i will never forgive tom hooper for butchering les miserables the movie musical

HauntedDriveIn: Humanity is still warring over thousands of things, but at least we’re all agreed that Tom Hooper should never be allowed to direct a musical again right?

bonchieredstate: This is the same newspaper that lost its collective mind over publishing an editorial by Tom Cotton.

amoviepitchbot: In this Tom Hooper film, Tom Hanks, Danny DeVito and Benedict Cumberbatch go back in time to prevent the World War II

RogueFitness: Meet the Strongman competitors of the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic. 1. Mateusz Kieliszkowski 2. Tom Stoltman 3. Luke Stoltman 4. Trey Mitchell 5. Mitchell Hooper 6. Maxime Boudreault 7. Pavlo Nakonechnyy 8. Rob Kearney 9. Bobby Thompson 10. Tom Evans

RGIII: Trent Dilfer is not impressed with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

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