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Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book New England Authors: Tom Brosnahan, Kim Grant, Stephen Jermanok
Published Date: 1999
Categories: New England
-- extensive coverage of forests, parks and college towns -- handy highlights of each state, with sample itineraries -- hundreds of places to stay, including Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket -- tips on where to find the best clam chowder and seafood delicacies -- details on whale watching, skiing, hiking and sailing -- in-depth information on colonial history

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book What a Bunch of Characters! Authors: Tom Scott Cadden
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Published Date: 1984
Categories: Games & Activities
Lists the films and screen roles of fifty top American actors and actresses, and includes plot summary, cast, and credits for each movie

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Sierra Club Authors: Tom Turner
Publisher: Abradale Press
Published Date: 1993-09
Categories: Nature conservation
An illustrated history of the Sierra Club features three hundred images from America's leading nature photographers depicting national parks, forests, and wilderness saved by the efforts of the Sierra Club.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Shadow of Honor Authors: Tom Clancy, Steve R. Pieczenik, Mel Odom
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Fiction
Andy Moore has always believed his father fought and died heroically in the South African War, but new evidence indicate he may have carried out a massacre and Andy is determined to discover what is going on. Original.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Standard Catalog of Sports Autographs Authors: Tom Mortenson
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Sports
Loaded with more than 7,500 individual signatures and values from football, baseball, hockey, and other sports, this reference makes identifying and authenticating sports autographs easy. Includes more than 500 photos to aid in identification, and advice on avoiding forgeries and fakes.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Ultimate Americans Authors: Tom Lowenstein
Published Date: 2008
Categories: Social Science
Chronicles the history of the Inupiaq people of Point Hope, Alaska, outlining the many hardships they endured due to the presence of foreign settlers. Reveals how they were able to survive these troubles and details their strong cultural heritage today. Includes black-and-white photographs.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Soldiers & Civilians Authors: Tom Jenks
Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group
Published Date: 1986
Categories: Fiction
Twenty short stories present a modern view of war and its influence on the culture, values, and lives of the people for and against, involved and neutral, in recent wars and confrontations, translated from raw experience into literature

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Class, Culture and the Agrarian Myth Authors: Tom Brass
Publisher: BRILL
Published Date: 2014-05-15
Categories: Social Science
Using examples from different historical contexts, this book examines the relationship between class, nationalism, modernity and the agrarian myth.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book The Legendary Game - Ultimate Hockey Trivia Authors: Tom King
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published Date: 2010-10-06
Categories: Sports & Recreation
Tom has been researching hockey for the past 35 years. Throughout his passion for hockey, The Legendary Game - Ultimate Hockey Trivia" includes more than 1000 trivia facts of the history of hockey covering more than 100 years of Canada's favourite sport. This exciting edition chronicals the feats of everybody from the Hall-of-Famers to the infamous. The trivial facts includes everything from the pros to amateurs to international competitions.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Super Hooper Authors: Dr. Tom Baker
Published Date: 1988
Categories: High interest-low vocabulary books
Angel Marcos, or Super Hooper, knew only one thing-- basketball. The high school counselor, Mr. Lopes, tries to give Angel a different look at life.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Keeping Score Authors: Tom Hoover
Publisher: Course Technology
Published Date: 2010
Categories: Computers
Annotation Keeping Score features a compilation of interviews with the top composers of Hollywood. The insightful conversations are both entertaining and informative, taking the reader behind the scenes of the film scoring industry like never before. This book offers readers a backstage pass to the inner workings of the industry where so often, the film score plays one of the most important parts toward the success of movie. Many award-winning composers like Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore are interviewed, along with some of the next generation of composers.

Tom Hooper Books, Tom Hooper poetry book Tom Sachs Authors: Tom Sachs, John G. Hahnardt, Maria-Christina VillaseƱor
Publisher: Guggenheim Museum
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Art, Modern
Edited by John G. Hanhardt. Essays by John G. Hanhardt, Maria-Christina Villase"or and Glenn O'Brien.

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