Let’s Take The Guns Off The Streets Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Misunderstanding is certainA
People will fight living the weak lifelessB
Families now pay the price for the errors of beloved ones aside tearsC
The street flows with water mixed with bloodD
It is the tears of mothers and blood of the deceasedE
And this is on and on and onF
As long as we keep the guns on the streetG
Let s take the guns off the streetsH
And embrace each otherI
Let s Smoke drink and meritsJ
With no evil intent if at all we can t quitK
Let the followers of Odin understand thatL
It is just our believes against us else we are oneA
And those of Okorofo see thatL
The foreigners they seek to outrunA
Are Africans Nigerians and humansM
The reverse tooN
Let the daughters of Jezebel find peaceO
In the eyes of the white angelsP
And the blue beret just like the skyQ
Be the eyes watching the human raceR
Let the buccaneers be the pioneers of loveS
Let s take the guns off the streetsH
And be free to move aboutT
Let the north men visit Africa without feeling insecureI
And the Africans visit feeling secureU
Let s take the guns off the streetsH
For the love of the younger generationsM
That the fire which consumed us may spare themV
Let my words be decoded with no sentimentsW
For in love it took its rootsX

Tim Justin
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/02/2021


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