Renaissance Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


O happy soul forget thy selfA
This that has haunted all the pastB
That conjured disappointments fastB
That never could let well aloneC
That climbing to achievement's throneC
Slipped on the last step this that woveD
Dissatisfaction's clinging netE
And ran through life like squandered pelfD
This that till now has been thy selfD
Forget O happy soul forgetE
If ever thou didst aught commenceF
Set'st forth in springtide woods to roveD
Or when the sun in July throveD
Didst plunge into calm bay of oceanG
With fine felicity in motionG
Or having climbed some high hill's browH
Thy toil behind thee like the nightI
Stoodst in the chill dawn's air intenseF
Commence thus now thus recommenceF
Take to the future as to lightI
Not as a bather on the shoreJ
Strips of his clothes glad soul strip thouH
He throws them off but folds them nowH
Although he for the billows yearnsF
To weight them down with stones he turnsF
To mark the spot he scans the shoreJ
Of his return he thinks beforeJ
Do thou forgetE
All that until this joy franchised theeK
Tainted thee stained thee or disguised theeK
For gladness henceforth without letE
Be thou a body naked fairL
And be thy kingdom all the airL
Which the noon fills with lightI
And be thine actions every oneG
Like to a dawn or set of sunG
Robed in an ample glory's peaceF
Since thou hast tasted this great gleeK
Whose virtue prophesies in theeK
That wrong is wholly doomed is doomed and bound to ceaseF

Thomas Sturge Moore


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