Thomas Shadwell Poems

  • 1.
    Your awful voice I hear and I obey,
    Brother to Jove and monarch of the sea.
    Come down, my blusterers, swell no more,
    Your stormy rage give o'er.
  • 2.
    Halcyon days, now wars are ending.
    You shall find where-e'er you sail
    Tritons all the while attending
    With a kind and gentle gale.
  • 3.
    Love quickly is pall'd,
    Tho' with labour 'tis gain'd;
    Wine never does cloy
    Tho' with ease 'tis obtain'd.
  • 4.
    Nymphs and shepherds, come away.
    In this grove let's sport and play,
    For this is Flora's holiday,
    Sacred to ease and happy love,
  • 5.
    Prepare, prepare, new Guests draw near
    And on the brink of Hell appear.
    Kindle fresh Flame of Sulphur there.
    Assemble all ye Fiends,
  • 6.
    Dear pretty youth, unveil your eyes,
    How can you sleep when I am by?
    Were I with you all night to be,
    Methinks I could from sleep be free.
  • 7.
    Love in their little veins inspires
    their cheerful notes, their soft desires.
    While heat makes buds and blossoms spring,
    those pretty couples love and sing.
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