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Thomas Shadwell (c. 1642 – 19 November 1692) was an English poet and playwright who was appointed poet laureate in 1689.

Life Shadwell was born at either Bromehill Farm, Weeting-with-Broomhill or Santon House, Lynford, Norfolk, and educated at Bury St Edmunds School, and at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, which he entered in 1656. He left the university without a degree, and joined the Middle Temple. At the Whig triumph in 1688, he superseded John Dryden as poet laureate and historiographer royal. He died at Chelsea on 19 November 1692. He was buried in Chelsea Old Church, but his tomb was destroyed by wartime bombing; however a memorial to him survives in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey.

Works In 1668 he produced a prose co...
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Thomas Shadwell Poems

  • Your Awful Voice
    Your awful voice I hear and I obey,
    Brother to Jove and monarch of the sea.
    Come down, my blusterers, swell no more,
    Your stormy rage give o'er. ...
  • Halcyon Days
    Halcyon days, now wars are ending.
    You shall find where-e'er you sail
    Tritons all the while attending
    With a kind and gentle gale....
  • Love Quickly Is Pall'd
    Love quickly is pall'd,
    Tho' with labour 'tis gain'd;
    Wine never does cloy
    Tho' with ease 'tis obtain'd....
  • Nymphs And Shepherds
    Nymphs and shepherds, come away.
    In this grove let's sport and play,
    For this is Flora's holiday,
    Sacred to ease and happy love,...
  • Prepare, Prepare
    Prepare, prepare, new Guests draw near
    And on the brink of Hell appear.
    Kindle fresh Flame of Sulphur there.
    Assemble all ye Fiends,...
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Love 3 I Love You 3 Never 2 Pretty 2 Hear 1 Fire 1 Lust 1 Howl 1 Feel 1 Warm 1

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  • Slugtsbot: shadwell spilled the tea on thomas the leg
  • Gregcameron2: thomas shadwell considered himself a disciple of ben johnson.
  • Presidentsvisit: closeup of the birthplace marker! listen now at
  • 17thcenturyplay: first printing of matthew locke's music for thomas shadwell's psyche and the tempest or the enchanted island.
  • Presidentsvisit: thomas jefferson got on his horse and rode around the virginia countryside when he was not feeling his family. what do you do when you need your alone time? listen now!
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