The Pretty Rose-tree Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Being weary of loveA
I flew to the groveB
And chose me a tree of the fairestC
Saying Pretty Rose treeD
Thou my mistress shall beD
And I'll worship each bud thou bearestC
For the hearts of this world are hollowE
And fickle the smiles we followE
And 'tis sweet when allF
Their witcheries pallG
To have a pure love to fly toC
So my pretty Rose treeD
Thou my mistress shalt beD
And the only one now I shall sigh toC
When the beautiful hueC
Of thy cheek thro' the dewC
Of morning is bashfully peepingH
Sweet tears I shall sayI
As I brush them awayI
At least there's no art in this weepingH
Altho thou shouldst die to morrowE
'Twill not be from pain or sorrowE
And the thorns of thy stemJ
Are not like themJ
With which men wound each otherK
So my pretty Rose treeD
Thou my mistress shalt beD
And I'll never again sigh to anotherK

Thomas Moore


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