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mmakarudze: “We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.” —Thomas Moore

SamesongD: "If in the envy the person wishes life were better, than maybe it's a good idea to feel that emptiness deeply." thomas moore

RealHansel78: The people of Appalachia deserve much better representation than Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Thomas Massie, Shelley Moore Capito, and even Joe Manchin. I 100% believe someone like Charles Booker would represent us properly

TodayinStarTrek: 12 April: Filming begins on TNG 2.20 THE EMISSARY(1989) Teleplay: Richard Manning & Hans Beimler Story by Richard Manning & Hans Beimler and Thomas H. Calder Directed by Cliff Bole TNG 6.26 DESCENT(1993) Teleplay: Ronald D. Moore Story by Jeri Taylor Directed by Alexander Singer

Theheart123: You have to avoid being just one of the crowd and instead take the chance of being born an individual. *Thomas Moore

TweetsFrom1982: Today from Toronto: Molitor 3B Moore RF Cooper 1B Oglivie LF Thomas CF Hisle DH Yount SS Gantner 2B Yost C Haas SP

tomsims: "Capt. Sir Thomas Moore, Who Raised Millions for U.K.’s COVID Battle, Dies at 100" here:

markdjacobsen: 4 of 5 stars to A Religion of One's Own by Thomas Moore

getdisdance: 19. Maya Moore is the true WNBA goat and she should be recognized as such. 20. We all want Alyssa Thomas to get that Labrum fixed

DeniseGriewisch: Not necessarily. The thread of support for this philosophical concept has been around literally for centuries, from Sir Thomas Moore, Thomas Paine, Bertrand Russell and elements of it in Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society war on poverty. You need to do a little more reading on the

50years_music: What is the real name of Canadian electronic music producer deadmau5? Sonny Moore Joel Zimmerman Adam Richard Wiles Thomas Wesley Pentz

Chase_Steely: Thomas S. Moore

MorrisonTawaka: Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throwdown ft. Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett

PlebWithNotions: I believe that's what you'd call a Lalla Rookhism (pure Orientalist fantasia, like Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh). Alternatively, a 'tulip'.

Sunflower15661: Being true to oneself is a sign of character. I always think of Sir Thomas Moore as an example of high moral character. Welcome to the minority!

DamianWhite42: Rd.4 v GWS S.Sidebottom 6 J.Crisp 6 J.Madgen 6 J.Howe 6 D.Moore 6 J.Daicos 6 C.Mayne 5 W.Hoskin-Elliott 5 B.Grundy 5 B.Maynard 5 B.Mihocek 4 J. DeGoey 4 J.Roughead 4 B.McCreery 4 S.Pendlebury 4 I.Quaynor 4 J.Noble 4 T.Adams 4 J.Thomas 3 C.Brown 3 M.Cox 3 L.Greenwood 2 B.Sier 2

UberFacts: Thomas Jefferson never had a reliable source of income and died $107,000 in debt, which is roughly $2 million today

RapporteurUn: US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield has delivered a powerful message to the people of Myanmar & the world with a call to action:"The US stands with you...We cannot allow them (the junta) to succeed...only concrete action will change the military's calculus." Exactly.

TweetsFrom1982: Today from Toronto: Molitor 3B Moore C Cooper 1B Oglivie LF Thomas CF Hisle DH Yount SS Brouhard RF Gantner 2B Caldwell SP

Doctor_Thomas: A lot of people like to debate who the best Bond is... Connery Moore Brosnan Every actor in the role has their moments but, ultimately, no one in a Bond film is EVER going to show their acting chops. There's about a million Bond films and maybe like a handful of good ones.

NFLDraftBites: Edge Rushers Barmore Jaycee Horn JOK Hunter Long Shakur Brown Ambry Thomas Jonathan Cooper Centers Terrace Marshall Elijah Moore Dyami Brown Late Rd QBs (Ehlinger) Isaiah McDuffie Carlos Basham Joseph Ossai Tommy Togliai Marco Wilson

Nsn2C: We’d add to this: Hard Candy by Lauren Nicole Thomas and We Want Our Bodies Back by Jessica Care Moore!

ArchimedesBeak: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (Connery) Medicine Man (Connery) The Thomas Crown Affair (Brosnan) Beautician and the Beast (Dalton) Entrapment (Connery) Special mention goes to Roger Moore's radio voice cameo in The Saint film.

PDSongBot: Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms Music: Traditional Irish Lyrics: Thomas Moore, 1808

carylloper: No, there's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream ~ Thomas Moore

marigold33333J: See also book of Quotes by Sir Thomas Moore..suggest...

c4rmenk4ss: The term was likely brought into SG via Persianised Hindustani (what we today know as Urdu) when SG was a Malayan outpost of the EIC (later British Raj) administered from Calcutta. It first made an appearance in Irish poet Thomas Moore’s work Lalla Rookh

EveningNews: Man denies murder of 42-year-old who was stabbed in neck

nthnorfolknews: Man denies murder of 42-year-old who was stabbed in neck

EDP24: Man denies murder of 42-year-old who was stabbed in neck

jodigrace18: It may help us, in those times of trouble, to remember that love is not only about relationship, it is also an affair of the soul. -Thomas Moore

holidayseas: The Weekly Town Crier is now up! Beth Moore leaves complementarian theology! White Evangelicals are an obstacle to vaccinations! Amazon admits drivers pee in bottles! Capitol rioters were racists all along! All the week's news that's fit to cry about.

JoeConchaTV: Good interview here from The Hill’s Thomas Moore: Dana Loesch has Limbaugh-like aspirations for conservative talk -

KilkennyObservr: Thomas Moore Irish writer, poet and lyricist and his Kilkenny connection

TweetsFrom1982: Today from Toronto: Molitor 3B Moore C Cooper 1B Oglivie LF Thomas CF Hisle DH Yount SS Brouhard RF Gantner 2B Vuckovich SP

jeffthomasshow: Listening to "The Jeff Thomas Show Ep. 374 Special Guest Billy Moore Joins The Show Author of the book "Until The Lion Speaks"" at

radiomazarin2: Un des geants de la guitare.Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (Live)

brenl_7: Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throwdown ft. Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett

thenichecache: Flying Kiwis massive -Olivia Chance -Chris Wood -Meikayla Moore -Ryan Thomas -Ria Percival -Liberto Cacace

__MyLighthouse: Who plays your parents in a biopic? (Or would have) Richard Thomas & Mary Tyler Moore

sjcdsathletics: Varsity baseball defeats Providence 9-2. Jacob Thomas throws a complete game only allowing 4 hits. Connor Moore was 2-4 w/ 4 RBIs. Mason Davis adds a double and Luke Shannahan and Tyce Moore both add RBI singles. Great job Spartans!

KStateHDS: “Moore Hall has an amazing sense of community. The staff is always so cheerful and happy to help. The residents are all very welcoming and I can always count on them!” - Thomas S. “Moore Hall has become my second home, it’s become my second family.” – Kelsey G.

SJCDbaseball: Varsity ⚾️ defeats Providence 9-2 behind 4 hit complete game gem from Jacob Thomas. Connor Moore (2 for 4 w/ 4 RBIs) goes big fly in the 6th to break open tie game. Mason Davis adds a double and Luke Shannahan and Tyce both have RBI singles.

samyoungman: It turns out Matt Gaetz was the Roy Moore inside us all along. Wait. Damnit you know what I mean.

roryreckons: Your purpose in life may be to become more who you are and more engaged with the people and the life around you, to really live your life.“ - Thomas Moore

roryreckons: “A dark night, may appear, paradoxically, as a way to return to living. It pares life down to its essentials and helps you get a new start.“ - Thomas Moore. This is what burnout ended up doing for me. I don’t know how to explain that reaching the abyss made me understand stuff..

ItsHasanfasih: “”Help me. I’m depressed. Get me out of it.” But how can you get out of a natural process of change? How can you medicate self-transformation? ... we no longer think in terms of passages and transitions. We would like to cure ourselves of the darkness.” — Thomas Moore

Betfinder: Golf Betting: Justin Thomas in Good Shape to Challenge for US Masters Title ODDS & PICKS ==>>>

KathyScheiern: To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship. - Thomas Moore

chinnypanda_: True change takes place in the imagination. -Thomas Moore KYLE HKMBintangKayRafa

SkyNews: 'I will have done the 100 laps tomorrow... I'll continue walking while people continue to give money to the NHS' - Captain Thomas Moore has now raised over £8 million for the NHS by doing laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. More about Tom here:

DontQuitU: Historical Novelist, Thomas G. Moore

1911to1921: The following were married on April the seventh: Thomas Moore [a shopkeeper] & Matilda McKinlay (1914); William Dougan [a painter] & Marion McKinney (1919); Robert Torrens [a farmer] & Margaret Catherwood in Kilrea (1921); Leonard Hawkins [ex-soldier] & Emmaline Tannahill (1921).

TyCarver: Scripps says its streaming channel Newsy will offer over-the-air broadcasts starting October 1 and Newsy's HQ will move from Columbia, MO to Atlanta (Thomas Moore/The Hill)

RockfordObits: Moore, Hattie Mae Thomas

KB_CountryRadio: Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throwdown (feat. Justin Moore & Thomas Rhett)

RockfordObits: Moore, Hattie Mae Thomas

ScottishWhoDat: Yet to listen but this would be my team: Brees AK-Mike-Colston-Graham-Sproles Armstead-Nicks-Unger-Evans-Ramczyk Cam-2018 Rankins-Onyemata-Smith Davis-Vilma Latt-Harper-Williams-Ceedy-Greer Near misses; Moore, P. Thomas, McCoy, Jenkins, Cooks.

HandsAtlanta: Most of my celeb follows interact with fans Jeff Kazee, music director of my fave band Callie Thorne, actor Kelly Hu, actor Josh Charles, actor AJ Francis, football player and pro wrestler Howie Rose, Mets announcer and old college friend Michael Thomas, NFLer Christopher Moore

bobsmietana: What's fascinating - at a time when membership is shrinking and SBC leaders are mourning the decline of evangelism and baptism — is that one of the biggest fights in the denomination is over women telling people about the Bible and Jesus.

SkyNews: Sky's Thomas Moore asks if some EU countries are being too cautious in halting the AstraZeneca vaccine for under 60s. Professor Van-Tam says the idea of withholding a vaccine is "absurd" when you take into account risks from Covid in that age group.

SCOTUSnames: Thomas Moore

FeastLast: Few people know about Thomas Ligotti's side hustle as a character model for Alan Moore.

MononaGroveNews: Initial election results point to a clean sweep for the incumbents in Monona, including Mayor Mary O’Connor and city councilors Nancy Moore, Doug Wood and Kathy Thomas.

PDSongBot: Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms Music: Traditional Irish Lyrics: Thomas Moore, 1808

TradingTablePod: Starting lineup: QB1: Baker Mayfield QB2: Kirk Cousins RB1: Josh Jacobs RB2: Austin Ekeler WR1: DJ Moore WR2: Michael Thomas WR3: Cooper Kupp Flex1: Adam Thielen Flex 2: Laviska Shenault TE: Austin Hooper Bench: Edmonds Singletary Ruggs Hollywood Jarwin Knox

jyut_tou: In the TNG episode The Wounded, Miles O'Brien sings a song called The Minstrel Boy which is apparently a song his former captain Maxwell enjoyed. Its thought to have been written around 1798 by Thomas Moore for friends he lost in the Irish rebellion.

eris_rlt: ideal companions for a four day meth binge: james nulick, andrea dworkin, meg mccarville, thomas moore

GTanRM_kim: Romantic love is an illusion. Most of us discover this truth at the end of a love affair or else when the sweet emotions of love lead us into marriage and then turn down their flames. -Thomas Moore TAN RONCAL TURNS 17

Wes_Bo_: His weapons this year will be CMC, RA, DJ Moore, David Moore, Ian Thomas.. and there likely will be another addition. You’re giving him TWO 1,000 yard receivers. And the best RB in all of Football

_DR9S: “We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.” – Thomas Moore

DrGWatson: Professionals think it’s their job to understand and correct the family without allowing themselves to be introduced fully to its genius - its unique formative spirit. ~ Thomas Moore

TheFaceRadioBK: Did you miss the recent broadcast of Lost & Found with Thomas Moore? Catch-up now on The Face Radio!

RussellJClay: Most Seasons With 100+ receptions, NFL history: 6 - Antonio Brown, Brandon Marshall 5 - Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Wes Welker 4 - Marvin Harrison, DeAndre Hopkins, Jerry Rice, Reggie Wayne 3 - Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, Herman Moore, Michael Thomas

velara3: This quote is taken from a summary on the book Utopia by Sir Thomas Moore: “Hythloday describes a dinner he once attended in England with Cardinal Morton, who was then Chancellor to Henry VII.”

YbehindtheY: “The devil...[MSM]....the prowde spirite...cannot endure to be mocked.” ― Thomas Moore

AllOrlandoCity: Midfielders: Meggie Dougherty Howard Gunny Jonsdottir Taylor Kornieck Jade Moore Erika Tymrak Marisa Viggiano Chelsee Washington Forwards: Abi Kim Sydney Leroux Alex Morgan Crystal Thomas Marta

QBsMVP: WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette RB Javian Hawkins CB Thomas Graham Jr. WR D'Wayne Eskridge OT Dan Moore Jr. DT Darius Stills LB Tony Fields II EDGE Joe Tryon CB Elijah Molden CB Keith Taylor That's a whole lotta WR's and CB's. Just sayin'!

AriCohn: Clarence Thomas in Masterpiece Cakeshop: of course anti-discrimination laws can't be used to compel expression. Clarence Thomas here: jk lol anything can be a public accommodation if you just believe because words have no meaning and what even is principle anyway.

readsector: Captain Sir Thomas Moore’s family launch charity in his name

tedlieu: Justice Clarence Thomas wants the **government** to regulate speech on the internet. If you are a Republican who supports this view, don’t ever lecture anyone on free speech ever again.

JFowlerESPN: Sam Darnold's new playmakers: RB: Christian McCaffrey WR: Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore, David Moore TE: Dan Arnold, Ian Thomas

SteveChung1968: is wishing the happiest of birthdays to actor Vinny Guastaferro, who portrayed the ill-fated D.A. Thomas Castillo in the "Watching The Detectives" episode of the Flash TV series produced by Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo. This episode written by Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore.

balterjohn1: "A Man for All Seasons" (1966). A historical biographical film about Sir Thomas Moore, focusing on his conflict with Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell over the formation of the Church of England.

HurstWarMem: 5th Apr 1910: Corpl Thomas Moore enlisted at Reading, aged 15

davidgross_man: Objectively very funny that the "special counsel for the Thomas Moore Society" would be in the business of calling people heretics

nager1: got to disagree Ewan national anthem has to be the minstrel boy by thomas moore sung by joe strummer and the mescaleros brilliant versionof a truly great irish clasic

kdlmNY: Thomas A. Moore, senior partner at KDLM, frequently represents plaintiffs who have suffered personal injury from medical malpractice and general negligence, having obtained over 90 verdicts in excess of $1 million on their behalf.

PatriotsNV: Ambry Thomas and Elijah Moore

JiShijieni: The harp that once through Taras halls - Thomas Moore | | Ballad | | Po...

TLawrenceArt: Thomas Lawrence, Francis Moore (1767-1854), c. 1810

Leesas_Classics: Ted Bessell was just on an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show I watched, Ted Baxter mentions Marlo Thomas twice in pervious episodes and Cloris Leachman is on That Girl. Can my classic TV shows stop doing this I now feel like to rewatch That Girl after Rhoda.

Greenup_Track: Girls 4x100 5th: Peighton Haislop, Baylee Robinson, Thea Rice, and Sadie Chaffins Boys 4x100 2nd: Brayden Craycraft, Brock Thomas, Quintan Farrow, and Jayce Griffith Girls 300 Hurdles: 7th: Abigail Moore Boys 300 Hurdles: 8th: Nate Mefford Girl 200m: 2nd: Sadie Chaffins

KB_CountryRadio: Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throwdown (feat. Justin Moore & Thomas Rhett)

MostFamousQuote: And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first to be touch'd by the thorns. -Thomas Moore

barrypearman: It is probably not quite correct to speak of the soul’s path. It is more a meandering and a wandering. Thomas Moore

unlimitedBLACK: I'd heard that the epitaph for Ruby's mother Summer ("Thus kindly, I scatter") was taken from a poem called "The Last Rose of Summer" by Thomas Moore after reading it. it really struck a chord with me. Hard to articulate why.

amh_doc: “Slaves of General Thomas F. Drayton,” by Henry P. Moore,

amh_doc: “Slaves Waiting for Sale – Richmond, VA,” by Eyre Crow,

sydthenandnow: PYRMONT BRIDGE & DARLING HARBOUR 1947 - 2021 [1947-David Moore>2021-Stephen Thomas/by Stephen Thomas]

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