The Pilgrim Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Still thus when twilight gleamedA
Far off his Castle seemedA
Traced on the skyB
And still as fancy bore himC
To those dim towers before himC
He gazed with wishful eyeB
And thought his home was nighB
Hall of my Sires he saidD
How long with weary treadD
Must I toil onE
Each eve as thus I wanderF
Thy towers seem rising yonderF
But scarce hath daylight shoneG
When like a dream thou'rt goneH
So went the Pilgrim stillI
Down dale and over hillI
Day after dayJ
That glimpse of home so cheeringK
At twilight still appearingK
But still with morning's rayJ
Melting like mist awayJ
Where rests the Pilgrim nowL
Here by this cypress boughL
Closed his careerM
That dream of fancy's weavingK
No more his steps deceivingK
Alike past hope and fearM
The Pilgrim's home is hereN

Thomas Moore


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