The War Song Of Dinas Vawr Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The mountain sheep are sweeterA
But the valley sheep are fatterA
We therefore deemed it meeterA
To carry off the latterA
We made an expeditionB
We met a host and quelled itC
We forced a strong positionB
And killed the men who held itC
On Dyfed's richest valleyD
Where herds of kine were browsingE
We made a mighty sallyD
To furnish our carousingE
Fierce warriors rushed to meet usF
We met them and o'erthrew themG
They struggled hard to beat usF
But we conquered them and slew themG
As we drove our prize at leisureA
The king marched forth to catch usF
His rage surpassed all measureA
But his people could not match usF
He fled to his hall pillarsH
And ere our force we led offI
Some sacked his house and cellarsH
While others cut his head offI
We there in strife bewild'ringE
Spilt blood enough to swim inJ
We orphaned many childrenB
And widowed many womenB
The eagles and the ravensK
We glutted with our foemenB
The heroes and the cravensK
The spearmen and the bowmenB
We brought away from battleL
And much their land bemoaned themG
Two thousand head of cattleL
And the head of him who owned themG
Ednyfed king of DyfedC
His head was borne before usF
His wine and beasts supplied our feastsM
And his overthrow our chorusF

Thomas Love Peacock


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