Timing Her Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Lalage's comingA
Where is she now OB
Turning to bow OB
And smile is sheC
Just at partingA
Parting partingA
As she is startingA
To come to meC
Where is she now OB
Now and now OB
Shadowing a bough OB
Of hedge or treeC
As she is rushingA
Rushing rushingA
Gossamers brushingA
To come to meC
Lalage's comingA
Where is she now OB
Climbing the brow OB
Of hills I seeC
Yes she is nearingA
Nearing nearingA
Weather unfearingA
To come to meC
Near is she now OB
Now and now OB
Milk the rich cow OB
Forward the teaC
Shake the down bed for herD
Linen sheets spread for herD
Drape round the head for herD
Coming to meC
Lalage's comingA
She's nearer now OB
End anyhow OB
To day's husbandryC
Would a gilt chair were mineE
Slippers of vair were mineE
Brushes for hair were mineE
Of ivoryC
What will she think OB
She who's so comelyC
Viewing how homelyC
A sort are weC
Nothing resplendentF
No prompt attendantF
Not one dependentF
Pertaining to meC
Lalage's comingA
Where is she now OB
Fain I'd avow OB
Full honestlyC
Nought here's enough for herD
All is too rough for herD
Even my love for herD
Poor in degreeC
She's nearer now OB
Still nearer now OB
She 'tis I vow OB
Passing the leaC
Rush down to meet her thereG
Call out and greet her thereG
Never a sweeter thereG
Crossed to meC
Lalage's come ayeH
Come is she now OB
Does Heaven allow OB
A meeting to beC
Yes she is here nowI
Here now here nowI
Nothing to fear nowI
Here's LalageJ

Thomas Hardy


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