The Schreckhorn Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


With thoughts of Leslie StephenA
Aloof as if a thing of mood and whimC
Now that its spare and desolate figure gleamsD
Upon my nearing vision less it seemsD
A looming Alp height than a guise of himC
Who scaled its horn with ventured life and limbC
Drawn on by vague imaginings maybeE
Of semblance to his personalityE
In its quaint glooms keen lights and rugged trimC
At his last change when Life's dull coils unwindF
Will he in old love hitherward escapeG
And the eternal essence of his mindF
Enter this silent adamantine shapeG
And his low voicing haunt its slipping snowsH
When dawn that calls the climber dyes them roseH

Thomas Hardy


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