The Head Above The Fog Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Something do I seeA
Above the fog that sheets the meadB
A figure like to life indeedB
Moving along with spectre speedB
Seen by none but meA
O the vision keenC
Tripping along to me for loveD
As in the flesh it used to moveE
Only its hat and plume aboveD
The evening fog fleece seenC
In the day fall wanF
When nighted birds break off their songG
Mere ghostly head it skims alongG
Just as it did when warm and strongG
Body seeming goneH
Such it is I seeA
Above the fog that sheets the meadB
Yea that which once could breathe and pleadB
Skimming along with spectre speedB
To a last tryst with meA

Thomas Hardy


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