The Casual Acquaintance Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


While he was here in breath and boneA
To speak to and to seeB
Would I had known more clearly knownA
What that man did for meB
When the wind scraped a minor layC
And the spent west from whiteD
To gray turned tiredly and from grayC
To broadest bands of nightD
But I saw not and he saw notE
What shining life tides flowedF
To me ward from his casual jotE
Of service on that roadF
He would have said 'Twas nothing newG
We all do what we canH
'Twas only what one man would doG
For any other manH
Now that I gauge his goodlinessB
He's slipped from human eyesB
And when he passed there's none can guessB
Or point out where he liesB

Thomas Hardy


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