Penance Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Why do you sit O pale thin manA
At the end of the roomB
By that harpsichord built on the quaint old planA
It is cold as a tombB
And there's not a spark within the grateC
And the jingling wiresD
Are as vain desiresD
That have lagged too lateC
Why do I Alas far times agoE
A woman lyred hereF
In the evenfall one who fain did soE
From year to yearG
And in loneliness bending wistfullyH
Would wake each noteI
In sick sad roteI
None to listen or seeH
I would not join I would not stayJ
But drew awayJ
Though the winter fire beamed brightly AyeK
I do to dayJ
What I would not then and the chill old keysL
Like a skull's brown teethM
Loose in their sheathM
Freeze my touch yes freezeL

Thomas Hardy


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