Geographical Knowledge Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A Memory Of Christiana CA
Where Blackmoor was the road that ledB
To Bath she could not showC
Nor point the sky that overspreadB
Towns ten miles off or soC
But that Calcutta stood this wayD
Cape Horn there figured fellE
That here was Boston here BombayD
She could declare full wellE
Less known to her the track athwartB
Froom Mead or Yell'ham WoodB
Than how to make some Austral portB
In seas of surly moodB
She saw the glint of Guinea's shoreF
Behind the plum tree nighG
Heard old unruly Biscay's roarF
In the weir's purl hard byG
My son's a sailor and he knowsH
All seas and many landsI
And when he's home he points and showsH
Each country where it standsI
He's now just there by Gib's high rockJ
And when he gets you seeA
To Portsmouth here behind the clockJ
Then he'll come back to meA

Thomas Hardy


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