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Gabino_Iglesias: J.D. Vance talked to Tucker Carlson. Thomas Chatterton Williams talked to Megyn Kelly. I’m sure when Josh Hawley’s shitty book drops, he’ll talk to Alex Jones.

welfordwrites: Thomas Chatterton: an 18th century poet accused of forgery. Click the link!

artukdotorg: There is even more tragedy than meets the eye in Henry Wallis' depiction of the boy poet Thomas Chatterton. Discover the unexpected story of the painter, the poet and the model's wife:

timmhotep: Was K. Anthony Appiah the first Thomas Chatterton Williams?

bristolideas: Coming up 14 April: Nick Groom explores the work and legacy of Thomas Chatterton

TRESAcic: The boyhood home of poet Thomas Chatterton is the new location for Italian restaurant. La Panza, currently located on Lower Park Row, is moving to the historic building on Redcliffe Way from April 13.

gnrosenberg: Again, this was a letter that purported to be about denouncing censoriousness, but appeared to be organized around collectively affirming the discursive norms of "friends of Thomas Chatterton Williams." I can't imagine why that wasn't entirely well received.

albamoore1: The American Enterprise Institute has set up a panel to discuss The Great Demographic Illusion on April 19, with Ruy Texeira, D'Vera Cohn and Mark Hugo Lopez (of Pew), and Thomas Chatterton Williams. Register here if interested:

whitneyarner: Thomas Chatterton Williams blocked me for replying to one of his tweets with "nerd"

deBeerOdendal: Did you know the following authors all died by their own hand? - Thomas Chatterton poisoned himself, - Virginia Woolfe drowned herself, - and Ernest Hemingway shot himself. Similar to the December festive season, the Easter holidays aren't the happi…

ShieldofPallas: Thomas Chatterton Williams blocked me because I brought up the fact that he admitted to beating his girlfriend in his memoir when he was arguing with someone I follow

cfriendtweet: Encountering Thomas Sowell - Thomas Chatterton Williams

NoamChompers: Made fun of Thomas Chatterton Williams for not understanding tenet

EyesOnTheRight: David Duke blocked me (back when he was on Twitter) after I said he looked like a colony of roaches in a skin suit. Thomas Chatterton Williams blocked me after I replied with "Thomas Chatterless."

sujitdasesq: I told Thomas Chatterton Williams that I would trade his entire output - past & future - for 5 more pages of Didion.

HalpernAlex: Thomas Chatterton Williams blocked me and all I did was mock him mercilessly.

nerdosyndical: Thomas Has Entered The Chatterton

rodjnaquin: “In this episode, Xavier Bonilla has a dialogue with Thomas Chatterton Williams about race and our current social challenges. They talk about the one drop rule for Black Americans and what Thomas means by leaving race.”

optionsmircea: listen to this interview with Thomas Chatterton Williams

MarxinHell: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get hit by a car, of course (and to then be told by Thomas Chatterton Williams that she was to blame).

MichaelHugg2591: [Easy Chair] Campaign Literature, By Thomas Chatterton Williams | Harper's Magazine

MichaelHugg2591: A critical examination of the black cultural critic Thomas Chatterton Williams. Thomas Chatterton Williams’s confused argument for a post-racial society - Tobi Haslett - Bookforum Magazine

rodjnaquin: Campaign Literature By Thomas Chatterton Williams

tjschweiger: There was a time not long ago when none of us knew who Thomas Chatterton Williams is, and I swear, we can just collectively agree to go back to that time.

hell__rat: Thomas Chatterton Williams still dumb as hell

RedStateOne: Society should be mature enough to handle moral ambiguity... Thomas Chatterton Williams

lastpositivist: One thing that seems true and profound to me is that whereas Claire Lehman and I would make a great buddy cop film, Thomas Chatterton Williams and I would make a *terrible* buddy cop film. I think this tells us something about the IDW.

sim0_om: the thomas chatterton williams respecter has logged on

rodjnaquin: “Megyn Kelly is joined by Thomas Chatterton Williams, contributing editor to Harper's Magazine and the New York Times Magazine, to talk about the illusion of racial identity, the "Authoritarian Left," the fallout from his "Harper's Letter,” ...”

zayamensch: I wanna be able to do a bit of racism now and then, so I'm coming up with a new definition of racism. It's called the Kinshasa Definition. It'll be signed by Kmele Foster, Thomas Chatterton Williams, John McWhorter, Candace Owens, Rachel Dolezal, and Jessica Krug.

infoconstructor: Great little interview - TCW with his quite unforgettable father. Losing My Cool, Thomas Chatterton Williams - 9781594202636

Carmen_Patalino: Very much enjoyed this. 

garyalan82: Awesome interview. They discuss the actual racism of wokeness and the lack of diversity. Thomas Chatterton Williams on the Authoritarian Left, the Illusion of Racial Identity, and Victimhood in America | Ep. 80

AscensionArcana: Here take this silver, it maie eathe thie care; We are Goddes stewards all, nete of oure owne we bare. — Thomas Chatterton

DougJBalloon: If Biden was serious about fighting cancel culture, he'd make Thomas Chatterton Williams the US Ambassador to France.

AndrewSmithClub: Yes! Enough with the long "Wokeism as the new Puritanism" and "Wokeism as a New Religion" essays by Andrew Sullivan, John McWhorter, or Thomas Chatterton Williams. That won't get the job done. Time to start firing the Woke for their own transgressions. Let the firings begin!

alkalain: shoutout Thomas Chatterton

johnpmerrick: Another bump for substack, where i wrote a short piece on Gillian Rose, commitment and Thomas Chatterton Williams (sorry)

HumnApeCreature: An uplifting discussion! Race is a fiction, with Thomas Chatterton Williams

johnpmerrick: On substack, i wrote a short piece on Gillian Rose, commitment and writing, and Thomas Chatterton Williams

isosteph: they all exist purely as names on the twitter app to me like if i was in like new york or dc one day or whatever and a guy was like "my name is thomas chatterton williams" i'd just be like lmao ya my name's tony soprano. what of it

vandeltae: Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770) in his Garrett

memeorandum: Encountering Thomas Sowell (Thomas Chatterton Williams / Law & Liberty)

HumnApeCreature: Race is a fiction, with Thomas Chatterton Williams

TheoRettich: Another very interesting Spiked-piece with Thomas Chatterton Williams about race, racism, the identitarian left & the concept of 'color blindness' - even tho i (obivously) disagree with the premise that just 'racially fair capitalism' will achieve any good

DCTrojan: I don't know who retweeted Thomas Chatterton Williams into my feed but I am indebted to you because - having paused to read his unconvincing (to me) critique of Viet Than Nguyen - I was reminded to mute him, which I somehow had neglected to do.

NeilThin: Very hard to talk constructively about 'race' without perpetuating interest in a concept we should have dropped decades ago. Thomas Chatterton Williams and Andrew Doyle give it their best shot. An excellent podcast even if you're fed up with culture wars.

get_involved1: Really interesting conversation. Race is a fiction, with Thomas Chatterton Williams

roderickgraham: I don't find this to be true. Plenty white folks speak on race issues - more eloquently than I ever could. Conservative white folks quote Sowell (or Coleman Hughes or Thomas Chatterton Williams) when they want to be deny racism, reject anti-racist policy, or simply be racist.

wrongthinkorg: Race is a fiction, with Thomas Chatterton Williams

WightRat: Andrew Doyle does an excellent interview in this video. Race is a fiction, with Thomas Chatterton Williams

Crypto_Heretic: "Happy (if mortals can be) is the man, Who, not by priest but Reason, rules his span: Reason, to its possessor a sure guide, Reason, a thorn in Revelation's side." ~ Thomas Chatterton

McCleeryPhotos: Dangerous Speech Ep 83: Thomas Chatterton Williams

DialecticianArt: The Death of Chatterton by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Henry Wallis. The subject of the painting was the 17-year-old English early Romantic poet Thomas Chatterton, after he poisoned himself. He was considered a Romantic hero for many young and struggling artists in Wallis's day.

michellepdx1917: I am reading an excellent book on race, Self Portrait in Black & White by the Black writer Thomas Chatterton Williams. And I am wondering if maybe we think too much about race. That there is so much more to know about people as individuals. So much more to life & experiences.

jerrybrito: A new episode of Worker & Parasite, my book discussion podcast with Stably, is out now. We discuss Self-Portrait in Black and White by Thomas Chatterton Williams. Listen and subscribe here:

dcwoodruff: still the best description I’ve read of a mode of writing and political analysis that has only gotten more prevalent since this was published

merv1618: Any organization which proudly shows off Megyn Kelly and Thomas Chatterton Williams is not worth serious consideration, thank you and have a nice day

welfordwrites: Thomas Chatterton: an 18th century poet accused of forgery. Click the link!

negrosubversive: John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams. The devout coonery in this lineup would repeal the 13th amendment if it were ever distilled. I don’t even know what this org does in any detail, only that heathenry follows heathens.

Big_Katastrophe: Thomas Chatterton Williams - an absolute ding dong

donmoyn: Feel like true viewpoint diversity would include the guy that Thomas Chatterton Williams kicked out of his French chalet for insulting Bari Weiss

meatshowerky: Thomas Chatterton Williams has a Bridgerton name and an Earthworm Jim face

Lynnhpierson1: Unfortunately so. For an intelligent and more hopeful perspective, I recommend reading the lead article in this weekend New York Times Review section, by Thomas Chatterton Williams, who is becoming a visionary for a better humanity.

_wayneburkett: *posting increasingly specific claims about certain income levels on Thomas Chatterton WIlliams's timeline to binary search for his real salary*

BarrMarie: Thomas Chatterton Williams, noir sur blanc

WSJ: To go beyond Black History Month, Americans need to question today’s assumptions about the importance of racial differences, writes Thomas Chatterton Williams

littleglissant: Not Thomas Chatterton Williams taking advantage of France’s self-delusion and ignorance when it comes to race to spit out his ~nuanced~ beyond race mullato narrative in French media...on god come get your biracial we are suffering enough with our own baguette c00ns rn

tznkai: As I recall, this podcast that Jane Coaston did with him was actually pretty wood, so continuing evidence that the people who set the agenda of the discourse are both 1. capable of nuanced and deep insights 2. incredibly thin-skinned neurotics

BenjaminRamm: And who is profiled on the back page of the same issue of Libé? Thomas Chatterton Williams, with a quote from Bari Weiss! The irony...

tempehlover: Also if you ever find yourself agreeing with Thomas Chatterton Williams - revisit your thinking.

littleglissant: A country that has produced an Édouard Glissant does not need a Thomas Chatterton Williams. Any issues about identity he thinks he’s raising has been explored by far better French Caribbean writers back in 1956. Any attention he gets come from deep ignorant of that legacy.

GetIntoEnglish: Thomas Chatterton Williams, noir sur blanc

MichelDmm57: Thomas Chatterton Williams, noir sur blanc

petesegall: thomas chatterton williams after railing some ketamine

triadaxiom: "Any anti-racism that doesn't hold as its ultimate goal the abolition of racial categories is never going to be able to solve the real problems we're dealing with." -Thomas Chatterton Williams Wokies have adopted racism and thus cannot credibly claim to be fighting racism.

ronnieweil: To go beyond Black History Month, Americans need to question today’s assumptions about the importance of racial differences, writes Thomas Chatterton Williams.

GlennLoury: This was a really fine discussion about securing prosperity for African Americans, with Thomas Chatterton Williams and Ian Rowe, before a gathering of the Black Alumni of the Harvard Business School:

RealMYoung23: Just when it looked like Thomas Chatterton Williams was going to snatch the reactionary Tragic Mulatto crown John McWhorter roars back with a boost from Zaid Jalani

ES8pq9: "Autobiography of an Ex-Black Man"

thinkbri: Shouldn’t Christopher Ruffo and Thomas Chatterton Williams be outraged over this?

prosen_artist: Marked as to-read: Self-Portrait in Black and White by Thomas Chatterton Williams

frasermatthew: Thomas Chatterton Williams: in America there is a confusion between race and class.

TPostMillennial: Kirsten Powers, CNN Senior Political Analyst, lectured author Thomas Chatterton Williams of Harper's and New York Times Magazine, about when, how, and how not to use the "n-word."

pmacechosseler: Is it time to unlearn race? Thomas Chatterton Williams says yes

FabienGoa: Grifter o'clock on FranceInter. 'A myopic self-involved affair that often ignores important discussions...the result is a book that engages the question of race only in the most superficial fashion, confusing personal biography w/sociology & history...'

FabienGoa: "...He repeatedly conflates racist and anti-racist thought, charging them both with the sin of reducing people to essentialist racial identities. That is a disingenuously broad caricature"

AndyNicastro1: Final Score: Thomas Chatterton Williams: 1 Kirsten Powers: 0

blacklikewho: We just gotta be honest and nod when we come across those Black people who don’t like Black people but trade off of Black people nonetheless. We just got to nod and keep it moving. You know the type: Thomas Chatterton Williams multiples. Every city has their local iterations.

DougJBalloon: CPAC 2021 to Feature Freestyle Rap Competition With Judges Bari Weiss, Thomas Chatterton Williams

mcvanhoutte: Indispensable interview de Thomas Chatterton Williams

IDSekuler: Thomas Chatterton Williams' idea seems to be pretty mainstream among non-white... Not sure what's the deal...

pahaener: Thomas Chatterton Williams: "We must defend the right to offend, to say things that are not in unison with the new consensus"

beefwillson: I assume that Thomas Chatterton Williams has taken Bari to task for supporting that librarian. He, more than anyone, knows the dangerous effects of being exposed to rapping

AmirPars_: my information from the black scholars in the picture - The Great Thomas Sowell, Glenn Loury, Shelby Steele, John McWorther, Coleman Hughes, Kmele Foster and Thomas Chatterton Williams, allows me some room for thought? I’ve been watching the narrative play universally over

talking_mice: terrence k. williams and thomas chatterton williams are brothers

FreeBlckThought: 3/ Thomas Chatterton Williams, who writes of being inspired by Piper in his 2019 memoir, discusses her show at MoMA here:

aristofontes: Any reaction from the chateau de Thomas Chatterton Williams?

zuri_too: Now Harvard’s business school black alumni association knows they should be ashamed for inviting Thomas chatterton Williams to come speak about ANYthing. “Demystifying Black Excellence?” REALLY??

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