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Hartley Coleridge, possibly David Hartley Coleridge (19 September 1796 – 6 January 1849), was an English poet, biographer, essayist, and teacher. He was the eldest son of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. His sister Sara Coleridge was a poet and translator, and his brother Derwent Coleridge was a scholar and author. Hartley was named after the philosopher David Hartley.


Early life

Hartley was born in Clevedon, a small village near Bristol. His father mentions Hartley in several poems, including the well-known Frost at Midnight, where he addresses him as his "babe so beautiful", and in his The Nightingale: A Conversation Poem, both of which are concerned with young Hartley's future.In the autumn of 1800 Samuel Taylor Coleridge moved his w...
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Hartley Coleridge Poems

  • The Solitary-hearted
    She was a queen of noble Nature's crowning,
    A smile of hers was like an act of grace;
    She had no winsome looks, no pretty frowning,
    Like daily beauties of the vulgar race:...
  • Song
    She is not fair to outward view
    As many maidens be,
    Her loveliness I never knew
    Until she smiled on me;...
  • Friendship
    When we were idlers with the loitering rills,
    The need of human love we little noted:
    Our love was nature; and the peace that floated
    On the white mist, and dwelt upon the hills,...
  • Early Death
    She pass'd away like morning dew
    Before the sun was high;
    So brief her time, she scarcely knew
    The meaning of a sigh....
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Comments about Hartley Coleridge

Happy_at_home_: but what is freedom? rightly understood, a universal license to be good. -david hartley coleridge (1833) “young gypsies” laura knight 1937
Adammerrivale: be not afraid to pray— to pray is right. pray, if thou canst, with hope; but ever pray, though hope be weak or sick with long delay; pray in the darkness, if there be no light. - hartley coleridge
Wordsworthians: 'hartley coleridge - 'how the prodigal son of samuel taylor coleridge faced his demons, and his father’s shadow'
Arturozaher: “her loveliness i never knew until she smiled on me.o then i saw her eye was bright,   5a well of love, a spring of light. but now her looks are coy and cold, to mine they ne’er reply,and yet i cease not to behold the love-light in her eye:   10” -hartley coleridge
Book_addict: happy birthday to english writer and poet hartley coleridge (september 19,1796), author of "worthies of yorkshire and lancashire" (1836) et al.
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