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George Chapman (Hitchin, Hertfordshire, c. 1559 – London, 12 May 1634) was an English dramatist, translator and poet. He was a classical scholar whose work shows the influence of Stoicism. Chapman has been speculated to be the Rival Poet of Shakespeare's sonnets by William Minto, and as an anticipator of the metaphysical poets of the 17th century. Chapman is best remembered for his translations of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and the Homeric Batrachomyomachia.

Life and work

Chapman was born at Hitchin in Hertfordshire. There is conjecture that he studied at Oxford but did not take a degree, though no reliable evidence affirms this. Very little is known about Chapman's early life, but Mark Eccles uncovered records that reveal much about Chapman's difficulties and ...
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George Chapman Poems

  • Opinion
    There is no truth of any good
    To be discerned on earth ; and, by conversion,
    Nought therefore simply bad; but as the stuff
    Prepared for Arras pictures, is no picture ...
  • A Description Of Fever
    Up to her left side leapt infernall Death,
    His head hid in a cloud of sensuall breath;
    By her sat furious anguish, pale despight,
    Murmure and sorrowe, and possest affright, ...
  • The Seventeenth Book Of Homer's Odysseys
    Such speech they chang'd; when in the yard there lay
    A dog, call'd Argus, which, before his way
    Assum'd for Ilion, Ulysses bred, ...
  • A Coronet For His Mistress, Philosophy
    Muses that sing love's sensual empery,
    And lovers kindling your enraged fires
    At Cupid's bonfires burning in the eye,
    Blown with the empty breath of vain desires; ...
  • The Shadow Of Night
    Fall, Hercules, from heaven, in tempests hurl'd,
    And cleanse this beastly stable of the world;
    Or bend thy brazen bow against the Sun,...
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Light 7 Death 7 Life 7 Night 6 I Love You 6 Never 6 Earth 6 Love 6 Fire 6 Heaven 6

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