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Thomas Carew (pronounced as "Carey") (1595 – 22 March 1640) was an English poet, among the 'Cavalier' group of Caroline poets.


He was the son of Sir Matthew Carew, master in chancery, and his wife Alice, daughter of Sir John Rivers, Lord Mayor of the City of London and widow of Ingpen. The poet was probably the third of the eleven children of his parents, and was born in West Wickham in Kent, in the early part of 1595; he was thirteen years old in June 1608, when he matriculated at Merton College, Oxford. He took his degree of B.A. early in 1611 and proceeded to study at the Middle Temple.

Two years later his father complained to Sir Dudley Carleton that he was not doing well.

He was therefore sent to Italy as a member of Sir Dudley...
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Thomas Carew Poems

  • An Elegy Upon The Death Of The Dean Of St. Paul's, Dr. John
    Can we not force from widow'd poetry,
    Now thou art dead (great Donne) one elegy
    To crown thy hearse? Why yet dare we not trust,
    Though with unkneaded dough-bak'd prose, thy dust, ...
  • Song - Ask Me No More Where Jove Bestows
    Ask me no more where Jove bestows,
    When June is past, the fading rose;
    For in your beauty's orient deep
    These flowers, as in their causes, sleep. ...
  • Song - Murdering Beauty
    I'll gaze no more on her bewitching face,
    Since ruin harbours there in every place;
    For my enchanted soul alike she drowns
    With calms and tempests of her smiles and frowns. ...
  • A Cruel Mistress
    We read of kings and gods that kindly took
    A pitcher fill'd with water from the brook ;
    But I have daily tender'd without thanks
    Rivers of tears that overflow their banks. ...
  • Song - Eternity Of Love Protested
    How ill doth he deserve a lover's name,
    Whose pale weak flame
    Cannot retain
    His heat, in spite of absence or disdain; ...
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Hodgetts_susan: a fairer hand than thine shall cure that heart, which thy false oaths did wound; and to my soul, a soul more pure than thine shall by love's hand be bound 'to my inconstant mistress': thomas carew (1595-1640) csa images/getty images
Terrigreenusa: watch as derek thomas speaks about the joy of being a christian and the glorious promise of the new heavens and the new earth.
Crankyuncle2: died otd 1639 thomas carew, english poet and diplomat (the rapture), dies sweet swing
Lokster71: when you read a poem that reminds you that the past is a foreign country: yes, thomas carew's 'the second rapture' i'm looking harshly at you. (part of my continuing read of the penguin book of metaphysical poetry, edited by colin burrow.)
Unirdg_englit: 'now that the winter's gone, the earth hath lost her snow-white robes, and now no more the frost candies the grass, or casts an icy cream upon the silver lake or crystal stream' at least, we hope so... (poem: thomas carew, the spring)
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