The Damsel In Distress Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In this maze of dreams and nightmaresA
nobody knows what is right or what is wrongB
only your heart trueC
can tellD
what you know you couldn't just bareE
In this maze of dreams and nightmaresA
everyone searches for their heart lost then foundF
lost then foundF
only your heart trueC
will tellD
to you what's bearable and what was too much to takeG
In this maze of nightmares and dreamsH
nobody will care but for their own heartI
my heart yours at some pointJ
I lost itK
I can tell I recovered it for revenge that's sweetL
Ah this sweet revenge of oursM
And your hearts trueC
A whole world born out of fires with passionate flames shapedN
cutting ways through the thick cold air of the systemsO
as it spins and turns and railsP
The same path to existence for all our nightmaresA

Theodora Oniceanu
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 04/07/2021

Poet's note: "She suffered a lot, I suffered with her... on the battle field each of us did their 'job well... duty always something good for something else. Grounds are using, decomposing nature knows how everything can be used for all those flowers, trees and everything we need and love... you'll end up loving everything that got out of Shit. (sorry for the choice of such an abhorring word.)


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