Drops of bright rain fall from the sky
As saviour issues warn the skies
Elements of darkness find their place in my mind,
Burning chalk and charcoal for a wish to live or die.

Drained of my tears I wonder and doubt
That everything is going the way I desire,
The whole world wishes to be free
Of what pains their souls, their own spirits restless.

A childish poem writing to you now,
Feeling that there’s so much more to reveal through my words
It’s falling rain of sadness, draining the eyes of an angel
But I am almost comfortable with being this devil
I’ve become.

Red silence, minding a duty to her king,
Devilish appearance believing in a fight
For justice,
And justice will be done!

There is no love here, where I am,
There’s only a voice in my head
Telling me a bedtime story,
Caressing my soul, wounded,
Blessing my blood,
Releasing my soul from all agony
When time comes.