Got nothing to say
But to bow Down and pray
You made me your prey
I gave you all of me now Honestly l got nothing left
Oh for how long oh Lord
Will this keep going on
This misery and pain
From the self proclaimed life-giver
Will it be washed away
This unforgiving stain
Oh Lord for how long
Will this keep going on
Oh lord l just want to know
How long will this keep going on
Will the rain wash away
All this pain from yesterday
Oh lord how long till
You say we're in this together
So we may stay stay strong together
All the way tho the end together
I feel like l am going under take me up before l go under
Oh this is burning me down
Burning me down
Light my dark world up
Help me shine bright like a diamond
Restore my smile again
And restore my spark again
Because l can't wait no more
Oh my lord how long
Oh how long