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Simple am just me...
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Takunda Musingwini Poems

  • The One Who Paints You Bright
    Art is beautiful
    But ain't deceitful
    The heart feels dreadful
    You can call me a fool ...
  • Little One
    As you walk down the path of life
    Tribulation will always groom your journey
    Temptation will always be there to divert your path
    But redemption will be your lifesaver ...
  • How Long
    Got nothing to say
    But to bow Down and pray
    You made me your prey
    I gave you all of me now Honestly l got nothing left ...
  • Covid-19
    This is no composition
    Nor comprehension
    But a motion
    In which have to do my potion ...
  • Creatures Of The Dust's Destiny
    Whoever is here with you today
    You don't know whether he is staying or going
    Any minute,second,hour can be their last
    Leaving unexpectedly is a must ...
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  • The pain after you loose something is proportional to the memories you spent with it and amount of love you showered it
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Daisy: Where is he
Lista: I love him
Ooopppee: Hes too young to be this good
Wippsy: How old is he
Berry : Mr mugabe wow
Cutey: Lots of love
Parker : Waiting for his new books
James: Hes amazing

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