The sun gives us light ,
He makes darkness flee by his fight .
In a whole day, He shows us a story,
From morn till night , gives life theory.

When the sun takes birth
And gives his golden rays to the earth .
Each particle of the universe,
Becomes happy and gives up all harsh.

Slowly Slowly the sun enters in his golden age ,
He shows his power and craze .
In the mid day the sun becomes youth,
He becomes egoist and sooth .

But the time doesn't stop and carries sun to his olden age ,
Now his ego breaks because it's his last stage.
Slowly the sun dies and hides in the west ,
He tells that in the world we all are a guest.

He gets new bodies with new days ,
And everyday gives us hot rays.
Becoming young and old , he gets lost,
This story have a big cost.