At times , it's better
To keep mum
Than tell a lie !

That's what Dharma did
With Guru Dron !
Affirming Ashwatthama's death !
Half truth, half false !
So ruthless !
Poor dad, lost all his strength &
Succumbed to silent death !

Even gods played many tricks
It's called Leela !
If you and me do this
It's called a daylight crime !

Why oh why did Dron
Took the thumb
Of Eklawya as fee ?
And Bheeshma
Kept mum when
Draupadi was disrobed ?

Devendra feigned
As a brahmin yachak
To Suryaputra Karna ?
And Karna feigned as a
Brahmin disciple
To Guru Bhargav ?

None of these
Pandavas, Kauravas
Took natural birth !
Yoga, mantra, siddhi !
Kunti and Maadri
Mistery inside!
Vyas Ambika Ambalika
Gaandhari that side !

Strange fiction
But it matches
The birth of
Zeejus the Christ
To virgin Mary !

We had Manu who
Saved Earth !
They have Noha
Took earthlings on his ship !