Sughnen shall never be a sycophant,
For his tongue was tailored to tell bitter truths
So consider my confirmation with
Complete confidenciality
To my heroes who knows me not,
To avoid them thinking I recommend them To gain special gifts.
Since I pledge to my country; never shall I
Stoop so low as to be so sycophantic
Yet the following deserve
my recommendations
For making me a man of greater intellect;

Glory be to the greatest God_ the Trinity
The author of heaven and earth,
Who planted and nobly nourishes
My life with wisdom
And undiluted attention to studies,
Healthiest in every grace
Attrition to seekers of my down fall
And supplies all the necessary resources
I needed to swim in success.

My honourable uncle; Yashima Orduen
Who never allowed me to wandered
Aimlessly around katsina-Ala town
Ensuring almost all students' needs i'v got.
Above all supported me morally, moneyly
Coupled with critical criticism
That may at times get on one's nerves
Yet moulded my morals to swim in success.

Another great icon worthy of my commendations
In my journey to intellectualism is sir Richard Gbilekaa
A magnanimous gentleman of greater integrity
Who opened his library for me to enter,
Used his books to write my project
In time I was at war with all forces
And above all, critically criticized my project
To the desired texture
And recommended me for graduation
Without collecting money from me
Just the way some lamebrain lecturers do

Another meritorious hero worthy of honor
A man with untainted reputation
The man I deemed my mentor
When he never advised me face to face
I'm talking of Sir Aondona Amough
Whose poesy prompted my poetic heroism
A great critic and poet of our generation
Whose lecturing methods'll make you think
Theory and criticism is the easiest course,
I would like to be like this gentleman
If my maker permits my progress in life.

I shall never forget Dr. Tse Paul Andera
A gentle, ardent artist and a business guru
Whose lovely leadership qualities
Are lacking in the leaders of our generation
This gentleman first recognized
And trained leadership qualities in me
When my mates never saw abilities he saw
He still made me their stage manager without apologies,
If God grant this gentleman an opportunity
To govern our state
All will enjoy good governance.

Another worthy hero that spark
My intellectualism is the great novelist Talking about sir Edward Luper Gar
Whose novels shall hook your leisure time
Like hook in the mouth of a greedy fish,
A man whose teaching tactics can make you take literature as the simplest
And the sweetest subject to study
This gentleman never forces students
To buy books and still grades them fairest
If God permits us to vote
Sir Edward L Gar and sir Tse Paul Andrea
As our leaders; we shall see credibility
And progress in our country
I will never stop imitating those gentlemen.

Not forgetting Dr.Titus Trevor Terver Udu
A famous, talented and versatile gentleman
Who speaks and teaches
English like English men themselves
The only Tivian whose poems
Had been converted to music
By the American musicians titled;
Music of America in California,
If you hear me speaking like English men
This intelligible man and late master Asue
Had influenced my oral English greatly.

Another unforgettable hero, though in
The grave; late sir David Deapera Asue
Who sharpened my use of English
Right from secondary school to tertiary,
Thou you are in the grave
Your voice is still flowing
To the younger generation.
Not forgetting thse quintessential heroes
Sir Ayon Gwazar and sir Gaakyior
Who laid the foundation to my intellectualism.

My biography shall be a lie
If these Lovely legends are left out
Talking of Ukpoju Inalegwu Godwin Frances
My boon companion who boost
My academic life by aiding me with books
Poverty could not permits me to purchase
And above all introduced me to the best Friend_Jesus who washed me clean
And made me becomes an heir
To the greatest inheritance that await Believers.

Not forgetting my vivacious,visionary,
Dark and lovely heroine;
Sister glorious Gloria Ahiaba
The only lady who never permits me
To praise her prettiness when I felt like
And started preaching Jesus' loves for me
Turning my heart away from certain things
I have never thought it's easier to avoid.

All my lovers and haters are the keys
To my success,I owe you much
And must surely pay with all my heart.