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Sughnen kwaghkar is a Nigerian from Benue state (Kwande Local Government Area) who was born in 1992.Studied English and Literary studies as well as Theatre arts from College of Education,Katsina-ala. He teaches English and literature in English in different schools in his country. He has written numerous poems and play texts...
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  • The Glory Of Meeting Glorious Gloria
    That Friday was very glorious indeed!
    When I met glorious Gloria A.
    I felt the peace of mind I need
    To sustain my stay; as I was ready to say... ...
  • To The Leaders Of Church
    Lo children of God on the alter!
    Why are you changing the unchangeable?
    Turning the holy word documented
    For our learning to acquire redemption ...
  • A Tragic Dance
    Our nation is dancing to the grave
    A tragic dance I saw sorrowfully started
    In the previous regime now intensified
    With impunity; the dance we drummers ...
  • End Your Story Very Sweet
    Life's is a story
    Full of history
    At times the beginning may be so tragic
    But tragic can turn so comic like magic ...
  • The Most Needful In Life This Time
    Better Believe me now;
    That in a country like ours,
    There are two things
    You must surely get one ...
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Live 6 Enjoy 6 Face 5 Holy 5 Great 4 Avoid 4 Clean 4 Single 4 Accept 4 Glad 3

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John sughnen: Have are y by this time
sughnen k.: Sughnen kwaghkar is a gentleman who hate nonsense.He started working at MFA academy in 2016 and later joined MFA Nursery and Primary school in 2018 both at Katsina-Ala. in 2019 he moved to Zaki-biam and started working at Precious International College Z-B

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