Show me the stars and I will sparkle your life

Show me the sun and I will make our love bright

Show me the moon and I will illuminate our nights together

Show me the seas and we will swim in the waters of togetherness

Show me the desert and we will make our memories as vast as it is

Show me the forest and we will breath in new fresh goals every day

Show me city bus and our bond will make the necessary noise

Show me the ice and we will light fire in our hearts to warm the cold hearts

Show me the roads and we will drive into our future as one

Show me the church and I will teach our sons how to pray

Show me your mama and I will be the best son she ever had

Show me the good music and we will sing the new love song together

Show me your bad days and I will turn them into your best days

Show me your fears and we will use my strengths together

Show me your love and I will show you my life
Show me!