Motorbikes and baseball caps,
Will always remind me of my friend.
He was always there for me,
From the beginning and until the end.

He was there for me when I was down,
He was the joker of the pack,
One thing I remember him for,
Was his New York Yankees cap.

Motorbikes he loved them so,
He rode them from dawn till dusk.
The only time he would sell them,
Was when they broke or began to rust.

Daniel Pearson was his name,
Wheeling and dealing was his game.
That was the phrase he used anyway,
In my mind is where it will stay.

When I was bored and needed a laugh,
Daniel came to mind.
That is why he is my best friend,
And will be until I die.

Written in loving memory
Of Daniel. 25/11/80 to 24/8/95.