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anunsafespace: Last Wednesday night, Stephen Harper quipped he was jealous of Justin Trudeau for having an NDP leader in Commons who will do whatever he's told in exchange for not having to face an election. The only thing Singh is fighting for is his pension which kicks in starting 2025.

HappyCanadian55: May I remind voters that Justin Trudeau inherited a balanced budget from Stephen Harper? It would appear that budgets do NOT in fact balance themselves.

bondzeelive: Tonight, Trippin With Bondzee at 9pm EST we have guest Nick Kaszap who infamously made it into former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s book! He now lives and owns an amazing Steak House in Nicaragua. Plus a quick update on the plane girl and some more great stories.See ya at 9!

PoliticalCupid: Stephen Harper is pissed that he didn’t try this.

JeanLucMarches1: And Keenan, the great Stephen Harper accessed his own pension at the ripe old age of 56. Harpercrite

FrontPageNews7: Published on YouTube: Stephen Harper Shows Full Support for Poilievre as He Goes All Out Against "Woke" Corporations

Baruch_HaShem: Stephen Harper & Makaela Olin Couples Shower   Everyone please join us directly after service on Shabbat, April 1st, to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Stephen Harper and Makaela Olin.   For details please visit:

stephen_taylor: Canada's economic output per person is lower than it was when Stephen Harper left office, almost eight years ago. This trend has always been upward since we started measuring this decades ago. Trudeau's policies have made Canadians less productive.

DanWMcLean: Fantastic getting to know Shuvaloy Majumdar, the new CPC Candidate for the SW riding of Calgary Heritage. Shuv grew up here and has a fantastic resume including working for Stephen Harper who used to represent the same riding!

What23HasDone: Sarah Fischer’s tweet about Trudeau’s gender equal cabinet makes me laugh. Stephen Harper’s cabinet had a lot of people who didn’t deserve to be there on merit. Fischer’s boss, Pierre Poilievre, was one of them. He has never had a real job outside of politics.

boudnic24: What a disaster. Bring back Stephen Harper.

redsnoopy69: All the conservatives going on about 'transparency'. Where were they when Stephen Harper was muzzling climate scientists?

DrJayDrNo: It’s like it just stuck Stephen Harper’s Lego hair on its head.

johngatti2: "if elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will run huge deficits and spend it all on left wing ideology" Stephen Harper 2015

SoutarMike: Stephen Harper Shows Full Support for Poilievre as He Goes All Out Again...

DavidEngbaek: Stephen Harper Shows Full Support for Poilievre as He Goes All Out Again...

CanuckTraveler: Reminder: Stephen Harper & his IDU have supported the election of far right governments & leaders around the world like Trump in US, Orban in Hungary & BIbi in Israel nevermind their democratic abuses & corruption.

marycoe93014547: Watch "Stephen Harper Shows Full Support for Poilievre as He Goes All Out Against "Woke" Corporations" on YouTube

sunlorrie: Remember when we were told Canada had to have a national price on carbon because Barack Obama was implementing cap-and-trade in the U.S., our largest trading partner? At the time, that made sense, which is why Stephen Harper campaigned for cap-and-trade in the 2008 election

threepeaks74: Remember when Stephen Harper plagiarised a speech from an Australian PM in support of the Iraq war?

MemelordUnited: Stephen Harper was bad But not as bad as Trudeau has been

thejohnrobson: Chris Selley: Stephen Harper calls for a ‘conservative renaissance,’ but that should actually mean something

alexbrown17: Notes on a fascinating week in Ottawa, words with Stephen Harper, big blue tent 2.0, and a host of men and women worth admiring. My latest on Substack:

trapdinawrpool: Canadians can undermine their own democracy without China's help Canada faces foreign interference in Canadian democracy right now – from the U.S. Government, the American corporate sector, and the Neoliberal Internationale headed by Stephen Harper.

TrinityYugioh: Trinity Format 2023 PHHY March YTC Tied for 3rd Place 3-1: F.ury L.oss I.ntrospection P.ain Piloted By Stephen Harper

Dean_Winnipeg: Imagine being Pierre Poilievre in Stephen Harper’s cabinet - no skills, no work experience, no accomplishments. At least he didn’t have to wonder - there was no reason to put him there. Not much has changed since then.

DJChocolateMLK: Anytime I see Stephen Harper in the news I know some shady shit is going on in the world

RealVanBrabant: "Canada faces foreign interference in Canadian democracy right now – from the U.S. Government, the American corporate sector, and the Neoliberal Internationale headed by Stephen Harper."

rosepoptosis: Imagine being a man in Stephen Harper’s cabinet and not knowing if it was merit or gender that got you there.

Dean_Winnipeg: Stephen Harper would’ve spent the same $6,000, cleaned out the mini bar and stole the bathrobes.

EScrimshaw: Imagine being Michael Fortier, being in Cabinet knowing you’re only there because Stephen Harper needed someone from Montreal

alecwhitewolf: Bill for Stephen Harper’s annual Arctic trips tops $3.4M

GG37374104: A new take. Blame the convoy people. At least it's a change from Stephen Harper. Between pollsters who don't even attempt to hide their partisanship, those traveling with the GG & a certain T.S. journalist yesterday, I don't have enough grains of salt left.

GG37374104: Somehow I think Artur would be singing a different tune if the leak had occurred when Stephen Harper was the PM. Funny how that works.

67Capt_Canuck: Bill for Stephen Harper’s annual Arctic trips tops $3.4M | The Star This Headline speaks for itself!

whittakertp: Why didn't Stephen Harper attend last night's dinner? He is in Ottawa this week. Former PM's Joe Clark and Jean Chretien attended.

cselley: A hall-of-fame "Imagine if Stephen Harper Did It" moment.

GrandpaKen05: If your pissed off about Justin Trudeau spending 6000 a night on a hotel suite for the queens funeral, then you should hear about how Stephen Harper spent 2000000 for a fake lake for a summit. Yes it is bad, but a little perspective.

Mikeggibbs: Give me just ONE example of George Bush or Barack Obama consulting Stephen Harper in a serious way on ANYthing.

RobertFife: Long after giving up control, Stephen Harper still commands the room

Mikeggibbs: Obama nor Biden would have given Canada a spot on Artemis if Stephen Harper was PM. No way. These things happen because it's personal.

Mikeggibbs: This Prime Minister got a seat on Artemis. An immigration and migration agreement. The Michaels freed. Exceptions for Canadian goods. And a TWO DAY bilateral meeting in Ottawa. Stephen Harper got NOTHING.

Nancy_Crouse: Stephen Harper is Canada's greatest threat against our democracy. He's dangerous, he's a traitor, he's an authoritarian fascist who is a control freak.

ClaudeLavigne12: The IDU, headed by Harper is a dangerous organization! They help elect Netanyahu, Johnson, Trump, Any right wing autocracy! Stephen Harper Heads a Global Org That Helps Get Right-Wing Parties Elected. What Will It Do for Andrew Scheer? | The Tyee

redsnoopy69: One thing Canada definitely doesn't need is any more Stephen Harper.

TPostMillennial: Pierre Poilievre on Stephen Harper: “Don’t you miss him yet? It would sure be nice to have a Prime Minister again that doesn’t admire China’s basic communist dictatorship, right?”

DavidStarcross: Stephen Harper - I am Very *proud* Justin Trudeau defeated you in 2015. I remember that night well (as if it were yesterday). You couldn't even make a proper speech accepting the fact you LOST. I Shall *Proudly* VOTE against your Reform/Alliance CONS for Life.

levinepmc: I totally agree with Stephen Harper. Pierre Poilieve should save his party's platform for the election campaign. Too bad if it makes the left-leaning media mad. For now, he is best to keep quiet and let Justin Trudeau continue to hang himself.

whittakertp: Stephen Harper's speech last night should leave no doubt who is calling the shots for the CPC Party.

Nancy_Crouse: Hang it around the neck of Stephen Harper who is Chair of the global neoliberal authoritarian fascist organization the IDU. He's wanted to defeat PMJT since 2015.

threepeaks74: Stephen Harper is a globalist

PierrePoilievre: It took Stephen Harper 90 days after becoming Prime Minister to get the Americans to cancel and refund softwood tariffs. The US slapped tariffs back on after Trudeau took office and 6 years later he still hasn’t gotten them lifted. He should have it done before the President…

WeAreCanProud: Do you agree with Harper?

CTVNews: Former prime minister Stephen Harper says Canada needs a 'Conservative renaissance'

TPostMillennial: Stephen Harper SLAMS the NDP as a "branch plant of the Liberal Party:" "Only Jagmeet Singh could walk into a room with Trudeau and come out with a deal where he gets nothing."

CP24: Former prime minister Stephen Harper says Canada needs a 'Conservative renaissance'

nspector4: Hmm..."He suggested the very scorn once heaped on the anti-establishment conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, as well as the Canadian reformers, is the same as that which Poilievre gets now.”

brent_whiteside: "Stephen Harper" and the Cons are like Bible thumping Republicans and PeePee is like a minature Trump right down to his political slogans. You better hope Trump never get's in Office again or your Make Canada First is fuked!

nspector4: “I worry that that’s what the liberal media here wants Pierre Poilievre to do – make himself the issue.” “The time to tell people about your alternatives in detail is in an election campaign” ... Harper warned that while federal Conservatives should not

nationalpost: Canada needs a 'Conservative renaissance,' former PM Stephen Harper tells conference

EdwardLRiche: Suspect Skippy's only idea is defunding the CBC

canmericanized: Former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper slams NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh - likens to a branch plant of the Liberal Party. JOKES: “I just wish I’d had an opposition leader like that…Support me and I’ll make sure you never have to go back to the voters.”

CTVNews: Former prime minister Stephen Harper says Canada needs a 'Conservative renaissance'

VoyceReason: The IDU guy? The guy that supported Orbán, Bolsonaro, Trump, and Netanyahu? The guy Canadians fired? Stephen Harper doesn't know what's best for Canada, and he doesn't care.

Nancy_Crouse: Whoever is behind all of this is attempting a coup-like overthrow of our democratically elected government because Stephen Harper wants a 'Conservative Renaissance' aka 'Authoritarian Fascism'. Harper can take his neoliberal authoritarian fascist organization the IDU & shove it.

MrStache9: He said it again. "Stephen Harper". PM Harper lives rent free in this nutters head. Hey Kevin, seek pro help. See a dermatologist too. I'm concerned. Does it itch? Smell?

BusyBurn: I haven’t seen any photos of PM Trudeau having celebratory drinks with a foreign govt, that has chosen to attack Canada’s democracy. It didn’t bother Stephen Harper, though

CAHBotter: A romantic, candlelit dinner would be incomplete without . Stephen Harper.

Dean_Winnipeg: Let me get this straight - Pierre Poilevre was in government with Stephen Harper for 10 years, including cabinet, and never took a briefing on foreign interference - which we now know was going on but nobody in power then did anything about? Talk about rank incompetence.

basetards: Check All Videos Now:

Tori_TLCR: "Despite his nationalist posturing, Jean Chrétien's government (and subsequently that of Stephen Harper) offered extensive material support to the US invasion."

prairiecentrist: If there's one thing Stephen Harper is known for, it's non partisan appointments.

gtlem: I should add - Parliament ORDERED Stephen Harper staffers to testify at committees studying the issue of Detainees and those staffers IGNORED the summons & refused to show up Didn't hurt Harper one bit as he won a majority a few years later So this is all just a side show

enorconhcet: It's both too late to remove Stephen Harper from the party & far too long that somehow we're still not rid of him.

JeanLucMarches1: As did Stephen Harper

HarperAdamsUni: A Harper Adams student who has secured himself a role in the pig industry while still at University has been named the winner of the Victor Truesdale Prize 2023. Read Stephen's story here:

AidanMackeyON: Yesterday marked 19 years since Stephen Harper became the Leader of the Conservative Party and went on to become the Best Prime Minister Canada has ever had, winning 3 consecutive governments - increasing his seat count each time. Thanks for everything, Prime Minister Harper!

redsnoopy69: Question: How did conservatives in Canada go from Joe Clark to Pierre Poilievre? Answer: Stephen Harper.

Clstamat: During his time as democratic reform minister under former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, Poilievre was opposed—as the Liberals are now— to having staff testify at committees.

gmacofglebe: “<Poilievre> must know that Mr. Harper likes and admires Mr. Johnston. But rather than respectfully expressing reservation about the appointment, the Conservative Leader tweets in derision. This isn’t Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party any more.”

JeanLucMarches1: You are not fit to govern. In the House you mentioned the PM knew about Chinese interference TEN YEARS AGO. You obviously do not know to count. In 2013 Stephen Harper was PM.

rabbleca: David Johnston, a former governor general appointed and reappointed by Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, is now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s choice for “rapporteur” on Chinese attempts to infiltrate Canadian elections.

MrStache9: 20 seconds into his babbling and the tard yells, Stephen Harper.

redsnoopy69: Undermining Canada at every opportunity. That's Stephen Harper's legacy.

andy_utoronto: Today I learned about the Northern Foundation and Stephen Harper Sounds totally great.

MarkBourrie: The Tories and the media seem to want you to forget that Stephen Harper asked David Johnston to do exactly the same task. Johnston advised Harper about the role of the inquiry into the Mulroney cronies' airbus kickback racket.

TheSmitefulOne: Every time I see this image, I first think someone used the face morph app on Pierre Poilievre and Stephen Harper.

TimEastCoast: Stephen Harper is dangerous and unCanadian. Pierre Poilievre is dangerous. Only toxic people are drawn to these Republican wannabes.

Prairielily22: Excerpt 2 from a 1997 paper by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan:

Prairielily22: Excerpt 3 from a 1997 paper by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan. Note: By alliance, they were talking about the cooperation of two or three separate parties, not one united party.

Prairielily22: Excerpt 4 from a 1997 paper by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan:

Prairielily22: Excerpt 5 from a 1997 paper by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan:

Prairielily22: Excerpt 7 from a 1997 paper by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan:

Barbara61353150: Upcoming Stephen Harper keynote speech to focus on middle-class families

TrueNorthCentre: Former prime minister Stephen Harper will be a keynote speaker at the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference next week and will offer his thoughts on the challenges faced by the middle-class. Read more:

Prairielily22: Excerpt 6 from a 1997 paper by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan:

Cricrifi: Unlike Liberals, Gerry, Conservatives have the brain power and wherewithal to smell a shit storm when we see it. We aren’t a cult. Stephen Harper, though missed, doesn’t control our brains with his breathy speeches. His words wouldn’t take us off the scent of Trudeau corruption.

CandiceMalcolm: Upcoming Stephen Harper keynote speech to focus on middle-class families

canuk2006: China signed the FIPA trade agreement and deal created by Stephen Harper and his ministers who all voted yes thereby tying Canada into a 31 year deal that no Canadian government can break. Any financial loses incurred by Beijing in Canada repaid to China.

Dunbrachen: In 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper stupidly renewed Canada's NORAD membership, sharing operational control of North American air defence with a foreign country. Worse, he extended it to maritime matters, despite Canada's long-standing dispute with US over the Canadian Arctic.

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