Stephen Crane I Love You Poems

  • 1.
    A slant of sun on dull brown walls,
    A forgotten sky of bashful blue.

    Toward God a mighty hymn,
  • 2.
    I looked here;
    I looked there;
    Nowhere could I see my love.
    And -- this time --
  • 3.
    I explain the silvered passing of a ship at night,
    The sweep of each sad lost wave,
    The dwindling boom of the steel thing's striving,
    The little cry of a man to a man,
  • 4.
    And you love me

    I love you.

  • 5.
    Ay, workman, make me a dream,
    A dream for my love.
    Cunningly weave sunlight,
    Breezes, and flowers.
  • 6.
    I HEARD thee laugh,
    And in this merriment
    I defined the measure of my pain;
    I knew that I was alone,
  • 7.

  • 8.
    Love walked alone.
    The rocks cut her tender feet,
    And the brambles tore her fair limbs.
    There came a companion to her,
  • 9.
    THOU art my love
    And thou art the peace of sundown
    When the blue shadows soothe
    And the grasses and the leaves sleep
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