Your honor this man shares a notable trait like you, honorability
This man wouldn't break into the facility
How would a murderer keep this tranquility

I understand the case to most think it was a blatant pun
But Ms. Lewawitz has had a vendetta against my client since day one
And she was coincidentally in the facility when the bullet came out of that gun

She has claimed to be two floors up stretching her arms
With no eye witnesses mind you next to the purposely triggered alarm
Your honor, She was holding that firearm!


You claim that Ms. Lewawitz has framed your client for murder are you serious
The misdemeanor your client has given her wouldn't make her that furious
While your clients acquaintances has reported him being mysterious

A quarter of your clients known friends are criminal assets
The security cameras have identified the purp to be white, brown hair, while wearing glasses
He also has a pass to the door next to the shooting of the masses

Your honor their is nothing guilty about wanting to get fit
And who ever said the alarm was set off by it
Judging by the evidence this crime wouldn't be something that Ms. Lewawitz would commit