While it flawlessly divines itself during the shine and the rain,
All the while it stands boldly upright;
Keeping the thought of being colossal away,
While people are trying to bring it down;
It stands perfectly in its position,
Despite being stamped, crushed
Cut please, or just brushed.
It is deeply hurt, yet a picturesque sight!
All it desires is a bit of shine and a drop of water,
For it priors the great before itself,
In require of no care or smother,
It relentlessly grows with nothing more..
Deeds so high, yet chooses to be rooted to the massive floor!
While it suffocates beneath to make a soft bed for the tired,
While it brings life over the dead dark browns;
It bears acceptingly whatever comes to its way,
Not giving a single thought!
I want to be a strong so like grass ;
They call it mediocre, I call it sight!