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  • Midnight Labyrinth
    How long,
    The darkness controls
    The storms hit
    Threads of agony I knit ...
  • Hit Me, Oh Blaze
    Demons chasing,
    Tearing the threads
    Of my charred skin
    Oh bare hands ...
  • He Was There...
    He was there,
    Standing by my side,
    Tall, nice and wise
    And ah, a smile wide ...
  • Little Memories
    As I wake to the light of day,
    You would entangle your fingers around mine,
    That smile and sweet things you would say,
    Little memories of us on my mind would stay... ...
  • Addicted
    Like a bug to the flames,
    Like the sapling to the rays,
    Like a chess player trying to find ways,
    I got addicted to your little mind games......
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