Siva Mahendran Poems

  • 1.
    The temple of God is not greater than a mother
    One is blind who forgets his mother
    In obeying my mother’s advice
    I remain trapped in her love
  • 2.
    Bright and beautiful are the lights
    Up above the roads on both ends
    People flock in great numbers
    Here and there many shoppers
  • 3.
    Problems fleetingly come and go
    Never can one be free from them
    In good times and bad times
    They shouldn’t define our life-flow
  • 4.
    A great singer in perpetual slumber
    No more can we hear him forever
    The golden voice of yesteryears
    Singing in many Indian languages
  • 5.
    Surrounded by a void I barely lie
    Waiting for something to happen
    Don’t know what it is yet though
    It’s cold and dark everywhere so
  • 6.
    Could it be manna from heaven?
    Dense, viscous, sweet and golden
    A labour of love or a love of labour
    Busy bees’ teamwork endeavour
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