What Should I Say Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What should I sayA
Since faith is deadB
And truth awayA
From you is fledB
Should I be ledB
With doublenessA
Nay nay mistressA
I promised youC
And you promised meD
To be as trueC
As I would beD
But since I seeD
Your double heartE
Farewell my partE
Though for to takeF
It is not my mindG
But to forsakeF
One so unkindG
And as I findG
So will I trustH
Farewell unjustH
Can ye say nayA
But you saidB
That I alwayA
Should be obeyedI
And thus betrayedI
Or that I wisteI
Farewell unkissedI

Sir Thomas Wyatt


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