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Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503 – 11 October 1542) was a 16th-century English politician, ambassador, and lyric poet credited with introducing the sonnet to English literature. He was born at Allington Castle near Maidstone in Kent, though the family was originally from Yorkshire. His family adopted the Lancastrian side in the Wars of Roses. His mother was Anne Skinner, and his father Henry, who had earlier been imprisoned and tortured by Richard III, had been a Privy Councillor of Henry VII and remained a trusted adviser when Henry VIII ascended the throne in 1509. Thomas followed his father to court after his education at St John's College, Cambridge. Entering the King's service, he was entrusted with many important diplomatic missions. In public life his principal patron was Thomas Cromwell, a...
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Heart 23 Pain 18 Long 16 Mind 15 I Love You 14 Love 14 Plain 14 Time 10 Live 10 Thought 10

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Hisdates: january - 25, 1554 - sir thomas wyatt gathers an army in kent, rebels against queen mary t...
Laurelworlds: 11th april 1554; beheading of sir thomas wyatt the younger on tower hill.
Addiemcwilliam2: "who list her hunt, i put him out of doubt, as well as i may spend his time in vain. and graven with diamonds in letters plain there is written her fair neck round about: noli me tangere, for caesar's i am, and wild for to hold, though i seem tame." -sir thomas wyatt
Iswearenglish: whoso list to hunt sonnet by sir thomas wyatt - summary analysis - whoso list to hunt by sir thomas wyatt 1503 - 1542
Blmedieval: we've recently digitised this important manuscript of poems by the famous sir thomas wyatt. he almost lost his head in the downfall of anne boleyn; his son was less fortunate, and suffered that fate in 1554.
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