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Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503 – 11 October 1542) was a 16th-century English politician, ambassador, and lyric poet credited with introducing the sonnet to English literature. He was born at Allington Castle, near Maidstone, in Kent, though the family was originally from Yorkshire. His mother was Anne Skinner, and his father, Henry Wyatt, had been a Privy Councillor of Henry VII, and remained a trusted adviser when Henry VIII ascended the throne in 1509. In his turn, Thomas Wyatt followed his father to court, after education at St John's College, Cambridge. Although they were circulated at court, Wyatt's poems were not published during his lifetime; the first book featuring his verse, Tottel's Miscellany (1557), was printed fifteen years after his death.

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Heart 23 Pain 18 Long 16 Mind 15 I Love You 14 Love 14 Plain 14 Time 10 Live 10 Thought 10

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  • Stridesdaniel: i find no peace, and all my war is done. i fear and hope. i burn and freeze like ice. i fly above the wind, yet can i not arise; and nought i have, and all the world i season. excerpt from sir thomas wyatt
  • Gylesb1: day 115 & i’m throwing in a bonus - a second poem about love written almost 500 years before the one by ketty nivyabandi. in this poem sir thomas wyatt is telling his would-be mistress to stop teasing him. he’s been abiding patiently for too long: is she going to say yes or no?
  • Bob_stinson1234: me, my dad. grandad, great grandad fought for freedom, democracy prosperity sir thomas wyatt, 1,500 ad wyatt rebellion harriet beecher stowe, wrote uncle tom's cabin, 1860 dad korea, 1952 friends in rotc, 1990, iraq now we fight our own government media complex wars of ideas
  • Luread93: "these bloody days..." by sir thomas wyatt
  • Laurelworlds: 11th april 1554; beheading of sir thomas wyatt the younger on tower hill.
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