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Phillis Wheatley, also spelled Phyllis and Wheatly (c. 1753 – December 5, 1784) was the first published African-American female poet. Born in West Africa, she was sold into slavery at the age of seven or eight and transported to North America. She was purchased by the Wheatley family of Boston, who taught her to read and write and encouraged her poetry when they saw her talent.

The publication of her Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral on September 1, 1773 brought her fame both in England and the American colonies. Figures such as George Washington praised her work. During Wheatley's visit to England with her master's son, African-American poet Jupiter Hammon praised her work in his own poem. Wheatley was emancipated (set free) shortly after the publication...
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Soul 36 God 32 Great 29 Mind 28 Death 27 View 27 Divine 27 Heart 25 Light 24 Hear 22

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  • Joeycochran: to him, who dy’d stern justice to atone, and make eternal glory all our own. he in his death slew ours, and, as he rose, he crush’d the dire dominion of our foes vain were their hopes to put the god to flight chain us to hell, and bar the gates of light. – phillis wheatley
  • Ymmauthor: “…grant me to live a life of gratitude to thee for the innumerable benefits— o lord my god! instruct my ignorance & enlighten my darkness thou art my king…” — phillis wheatley
  • Rezekjoe: i am interested in how readers came to believe a printed book provides a special kind of racial knowledge. beginning with early case studies (john smith, mary rowlandson, phillis wheatley), i trace this logic in the colonial histories of print, racism, gender, and aesthetics. 3/
  • Grade_bot: your occupation of physical space has earned you a d. your gpa is now 3.5 out of 4.0. you learned about trans rights. this makes your shadow selves shaken & amazed! next assignment: learn about phillis wheatley. your library card is lost & must be replaced with a $5 fee.
  • Welfordwrites: phillis wheatley: a slave who became a poet. she was encouraged to write by her late 18th century owners.
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