The Choral Union Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


He staggered in from night and frost and fogA
And lampless streets he'd guzzled like a hogA
And drunk till he was dazed And now he cameB
To hear he couldn't call to mind the nameB
But he'd been given a ticket for the showC
And thought he'd hiccup chance his luck and goC
The hall swam in his eyes and soaring lightD
Was dazzling splendid after the dank nightD
He sat and blinked safe in his cushioned seatE
And licked his lips he'd like a brandy neatE
'Who is the King of Glory ' they were sayingF
He pricked his ears what was it Were they prayingF
By God it might be Heaven For singers stoodG
Ranked in pure white and everyone seemed goodG
And clergymen were sitting meekly roundH
With joyful faces drinking in the soundH
And holy women and plump whiskered menI
Could this be Heaven And was he dead And thenI
They all stood up the mighty chorus brokeJ
In storms of song above those blameless folkJ
And 'Hallelujah Hallelujah ' rangK
The burden of the triumph that they sangK
He gasped it must be true he'd got to HeavenL
With all his sins that seventy times were sevenL
And whispering 'Hallelujah' mid their shoutM
He wondered when Lord God would turn him outM

Siegfried Sassoon


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