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Sidney Clopton Lanier (February 3, 1842 – September 7, 1881) was an American musician, poet and author. He served in the Confederate States Army as a private, worked on a blockade-running ship for which he was imprisoned (resulting in his catching tuberculosis), taught, worked at a hotel where he gave musical performances, was a church organist, and worked as a lawyer. As a poet he sometimes, though not exclusively, used dialects. Many of his poems are written in heightened, but often archaic, American English. He became a flautist and sold poems to publications. He eventually became a professor of literature at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and is known for his adaptation of musical meter to poetry. Many schools, other structures and two lakes are named for him, a...
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Sidney Lanier Poems

  • Marsh Hymns. - Between Dawn And Sunrise
    Were silver pink, and had a soul,
    Which soul were shy, which shyness might
    A visible influence be, and roll
    Through heaven and earth - 'twere thou, O light! ...
  • The Jacquerie. A Fragment
    Chapter I.

    Once on a time, a Dawn, all red and bright
    Leapt on the conquered ramparts of the Night, ...
  • A Birthday Song. To S. G
    For ever wave, for ever float and shine
    Before my yearning eyes, oh! dream of mine
    Wherein I dreamed that time was like a vine,
  • At First. To Charlotte Cushman
    My crippled sense fares bow'd along
    His uncompanioned way,
    And wronged by death pays life with wrong
    And I wake by night and dream by day. ...
  • A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman
    As Love will carve dear names upon a tree,
    Symbol of gravure on his heart to be,

    So thought I thine with loving text to set ...
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Love 67 I Love You 67 Heart 66 Night 57 Time 54 Sweet 53 Life 52 White 50 Song 49 Sea 47

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  • Mosamiazaz: sidney lanier quote music is love in se
  • Buda_usa: i’m here, i’ve seen it in person at sidney lanier high school!
  • Mathesonmuseum: "on october 20, 1950, thomas earl petty was born to earl and kitty petty at alachua general hospital. in 1954, the family moved to a house on ne 6th terrace. he was in the boy scouts at the first united methodist church and attended sidney lanier elementary school. 1/
  • Felix_e_morgan: i see that you are a poet. my dad used to say, “i’m a poet and don’t know it, cause my feet are longfellow’s.”recently my reply was “i’m a poet and i know it ‘cause i went to sidney lanier high school and our mascot was a poet.”
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Alan banish: Protesters in montgery Alabama want Sidney Lanier high schools name to be changed, they incorrrctly called lanier a confederate leader, I relate to the protesters as I'm sure Lanier would have, I hope they do some research and let the school name be,

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O womanly face!
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Shrinking with startled joy, like wind-struck water,
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