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nurainirisaa: Marked as to-read: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

ShaunJay: To listen & not believe others can dictate our future- Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. Shel Silverstein

Poem2Poem: Whosever room this is should be ashamed! / His underwear is hanging on the lamp. - Shel Silverstein

sandorsays: Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein was about this brunch the entire time

kulukid: Shel Silverstein , agen... Delivered by Dr. Hook... Carry me home , hunny!

evandeneykel: What’s your favorite example of a modern parable? Mine is Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.

bot_chopped: Alright chefs, the ingredients for the appetizer round are: Cat, Lamb kofta, Pine nuts, and Shel Silverstein’s little-known folk album Time starts now.

I_Am_Piwo: In 3rd grade I stole a Shel Silverstein poem for a project where we were supposed to make our own poems. My teacher thought I was a poetic genius. Sorry just had to get that off of my chest

wisdom2inspire_: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."- Shel Silverstein

IDrawPicsAllDay: HOT TAKE: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a horrific tale of an abusive relationship disguised as a sweet bedtime story.

cristama: "I will not play tug o' war. I'd rather play hug o' war. Where everyone hugs instead of tugs, Where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug, Where everyone kisses, and everyone grins, and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins." ~ Shel Silverstein

____soup___: i love shel silverstein

realJessicaRae: Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it. ~ Shel Silverstein

darlingloula: wow. i better not hear anything about shel silverstein.

leighschristy: ALICE She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME And she grew so tall, She ate from a plate called TASTE ME And she shrank down so small. And so she changed, while other folks Never tried nothin’ at all. - Shel Silverstein

a_n_g__i_e: Being scared of Shel Silverstein >>>

joepiconi: Hey, if you’re a little depressed after finding out that Theodor Geisel had an affair while his wife, who wrote most of his books, was dying of cancer, you can look at Shel Silverstein’s Wikipedia and just get grossed out even more:

mermaidhips: Im going to get Archer some Shel Silverstein books for Christmas and Im so excited to read him them before bed

iinspirehearts: "Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy" Shel Silverstein

Eichelberger202: This week for Eichelberger Reads Mrs. Monroe is reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. This story offers a touching interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return.

spitfire123: Marked as to-read: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

llCrayolaFanll: viostormcaller: sn0wman: glumshoe: sosungalittleclodofclay: glumshoe: sosungalittleclodofclay: glumshoe: I’ll never be able to reconcile Shel Silverstein’s art and stories with his appearance. He looked like he would gladly murder you with a...

WolfColin: Was reading Shel Silverstein to my kid tonight and was not prepared to be shook this hard

Poem2Poem: There is a place where the sidewalk ends / And before the street begins, - Shel Silverstein

heatherberm: Ladies First by Shel Silverstein

iamshruth: Can’t find my Shel Silverstein books anywhere and feeling a little disheartened :(

user9888: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be." Shel Silverstein

traderjoann: are we ready to talk about the fact that shel silverstein was hot?

JackWTBadger: Why did I think he looked like shel Silverstein

luvisss_: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."- Shel Silverstein

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