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licksboots4fun: me vs shel silverstein who gonna win

BobaDrinker2002: i can't stop thinking about this and abt the bit in diary of a wimpy kid about how scary shel silverstein is


fuquimee: Within three generations we have had two very significant pop culture authors that have inspired multiple generations of children to appreciate the written word. Both have been cancelled. Who is next? Shel Silverstein?

erinedmison: It’s probably not at all the time for a Shel Silverstein biopic, and yet, I would watch that.

Poem2Poem: There is a place where the sidewalk ends / And before the street begins, - Shel Silverstein


anrorcim: ngl i distinctly remember my elementary school specifically celebrating shel silverstein poetry during black history month, making me think he was a notable black poet. ive been looking up everything about him now and i got a strong feeling that my education has failed me

truasf: need to review shel silverstein album

Oldtrundlebed: The hottest men are Sasha Baron Cohen and Shel Silverstein

WTMpresents: Every time Shel Silverstein comes up, I think about the fact that somebody told me he died of AIDS when I was like 9 and I just believed that to be true until my early 20s. Had 3rd grade me crying reading his poetry thinking it was the last thing he ever wrote

BienGabs: HAHAHHAHA this was so relatable back then RIP Shel Silverstein btw

heavlycyborg: thinking about shel silverstein writing playboy ads

thugvil: just found out shel silverstein isn't black


bookranda: “If you are a dreamer come in If you are a dreamer a wisher a liar A hoper a pray-er a magic-bean-buyer If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire For we have some flax golden tales to spin Come in! Come in!” (Shel Silverstein) EVERYONE BUY BOZE'S BOOK

hareshababy: I ordered the full Harry Potter set, a wrinkle in time and a Shel Silverstein piece on eBay, 3 days after the anticipated delivery date, they still never arrived so I filed a complaint and got refunded. The next day they all showed up

HarikaBasharan: Colors Poem by Shel Silverstein

horrormuseum: READY FOR YOUR MINDS TO BE BLOWN? The song was written by Shel Silverstein who wrote Where The Sidewalk Ends, The Giving Tree, You're Always Welcome At Our House, Hey Loretta, Johnny Cash's A BOY NAMED SUE and was produced and arranged by Joe Raposo

luvisss_: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."- Shel Silverstein

kidsneedtoread: On Sundays, we highlight virtual storytimes as another great way to read together with your children. Here is a fabulous video from KidTimeStoryTime featuring the classic THE GIVING TREE by Shel Silverstein.

wisdom2inspire_: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be." Shel Silverstein

hanhan2297: oh to be a shel silverstein sketch

kalenuwu: So I’m the only who lived my life thinking shel Silverstein was black

thesinnersfeed: why did i think Shel Silverstein was a black man???

mariforeveryung: shel Silverstein isn’t black ?!

_living_well: On one hand: what if I grew a shel Silverstein type beard but on the other: what if I got really into wigs

macyjacob12: I love you Shel Silverstein

Nv0u0: Shel Silverstein x MC Ride

mentallyilipino: the way that this was the reason behind my fear of shel silverstein as a child,,

Rattrix: Shel Silverstein radiates strong Death Grips energy

posting_malone: shel silverstein rips even harder these days, to me

MassiveDork: I actually looked up a photo of Shel Silverstein once after reading this part... he deadass looks like he’ll murder you for looking at him funny. Or Jack Baker from RE7.

zainaaaab_: just found out Shel Silverstein is white????

faymair: shel silverstein = hawt

mollygmollyg: omg is this why when my brother was a senior in high school he wrote a play where the ghost of shel silverstein haunted nick saban and a cohort of christian missionary children???.....will report back

ify_mod: this scene from diary of a wimpy kid the last straw is how i found out who shel silverstein was

4goth1: "He cooks and sews and cleans up the place he cuts my hair and shaves my face And irons my shirts better than a daughter could do And on the nights that I cant score well I cant tell you anymore Sure is a joy to have a boy named Sue" -Shel Silverstein: father of a boy named Sue


Aaron__Chambers: I have always wondered why Jeff Kinney went in on Shel Silverstein for literally no reason like they were rivals or something

xenbie: seriously just learning that shel silverstein is white... i feel bamboozled

AlanMach5: Still need Oscar Isaac in a Shel Silverstein biopic. Same exact look.

ElSangito: shel silverstein stopped putting his face on the back of books bc of this, or his publishers stopped doing it either way, i feel bad though imagine how much dysmorphia that would induce if you were known as a dude whose 'about the author' photo freaks ppl out

sapphiceevee: today i learned that shel silverstein wasnt black

icarus_affairs: shel silverstein walks into your house, where do u hide?

__fvk__: shel silverstein isn’t black???

shreyabasu003: shel silverstein looks pretty normal some of you grew up around too many wasps

polytechnique22: I was not prepared to know this about Shel Silverstein.

RR2GO: i literally didnt know ppl thought shel silverstein was "scary looking" or whatever until today. put some respect on my man shel. dudes rock

hmmbopbop: Just found out shel Silverstein is dead

astr0blaster: Still thinking about that shel Silverstein tweet

nnilkshake: just learned shel silverstein is dead dhmu


MissusCis: Here’s how old I am—I remember reading and cracking up at this on funbrain lol what gets me is his approximation of shel Silverstein somehow contains the same energy as shel Silverstein’s actual picture

hazel_create_: one of the diary of a wimpy kid bits that genuinely made me laugh lmfao I love shel silverstein

ENDERlANBOO: if tommy was literate he would probably be scared of shel silverstein

1followernodad: Shel Silverstein was HOT. Just saw someone making fun of how he looked and they are filthy in their soul for that.

mdhikas_: I can be someone's and still be my own. -Shel Silverstein-

jasoncubarhodes: My search for arrangements/performances of Shel Silverstein songs even better than Dr Hook's is kind of perverse because they are so close to perfection. If not on record then certainly live. E.g.:

daf619: shel silverstein looking kinda different here

ShawnRadcliffe: In honor of Shel Silverstein ... and procrastinating. Breathe Free Deep in the forest, away from our mums We traveled with purpose and both of our thumbs Our noses were loaded and longed to breathe free So we decorated the bark of the Old Booger Tree

cassandrasdis: Middletown author Anthony Valerio publishes book on writer Shel Silverstein

stardustsza: as a child i remember being offended though bc i loved shel silverstein

MeaningBot42: Shel Silverstein and his abiding w….

knarfblack: Warhammer Shel Silverstein wants to show you where the sidewalk ends. (In Hell)

Tranquilcowboy: Last night I wrote something that came out like Shel Silverstein and Edward Gorey were whispering in my ear. Weird children's stories are now my path.

drudgeons: Now I can tell people I'm not scowling in photos, I just have that Shel Silverstein energy

ARumblings: My Top 10 books this week 1.Himself by Jess Kid 2.The Mugpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz 3.The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie By Alan Bradley (A Flavia De Luce Novel) 4.The missing Piece by Shel Silverstein 5.The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

TheDianitaDucky: I read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein to Ary last night and I did not expect her to actually ugly cry. She was actually wailing. My poor child... I’m going to pay for her therapy huh

slimerxt: we should have known white gentiles were the weakest link in society when they would flip to the back of where the sidewalk ends and point to shel silverstein and go “see!!! look how creepy he looks!!!!!!”

MelanieJaxn: Once i spoke the language of the flowers, Once i undrestand each word the caterpillar said, Once i smiled in secret at the gossip of the starlings. -Shel Silverstein

eirenicon: 5 of 5 stars to A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

MotivationalUi: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."- Shel Silverstein

FanbyteMedia: move over shel silverstein. the hottest new kids' book? it's The Poggers Tree

ProfChrisMJones: TIL that Shel Silverstein wrote a country song about Topeka called "One's On the Way" and Loretta Lynn recorded it in 1972. It's perfect. She just re-recorded it as a duet with Margo Price. Whether or not you live in Topeka you have to listen:

lishevita: He taught me how cool science is before I ever started school. And the lesson I learned was that science is cool because it's full of wonder and moments of excellent and unbridled joy! He also read me poetry by Shel Silverstein and bought me books of silly jokes. This is LIFE.

htxflores29: shel silverstein>> dr.suess

theramonas: any of these by shel silverstein!

Middletownpress: Middletown author Anthony Valerio publishes book on writer Shel Silverstein

EINBookNews: Middletown author Anthony Valerio publishes book on writer Shel Silverstein

yavimaya_erik: It’s Johnny Cash’s birthday! To celebrate here’s a picture of Johnny singing “Boy Named Sue” with the man who wrote it, Shel Silverstein I guested on The Goblin Lore podcast & we talked about the connection between Song & Story, including these two bards

ELindenMusic: It’s Johnny Cash’s birthday! To celebrate here’s a picture of songwriter Shel Silverstein and Johnny playing “A Boy Named Sue” I am this week’s guest on the Goblin Lore podcast and we talk about songwriters who tell stories... including these two legends

YoureFabulous: When feeling stuck, stifled or limited, it's important to open your mind to new possibilities... "Anything is possible. Anything can be." - Shel Silverstein |

MelanieJaxn: No -- I did not take a nap -- The nap -- took -- me Off the bed and out the window Far beyond the sea, To a land where sleepy heads Read only comic books And lock their naps in iron safes So that they can't get took. -Shel Silverstein

MystryeDragon: "The eyeball in the gumball machine There between the red and the green Looking at me as if to say, You don't want anymore gum today." - Shel Silverstein

ShopNoFaceCase: '' I can be someones and still be my own '' - Shel Silverstein

xjdante: Shel Silverstein’s drawings gave me terrible nightmares as a kid. Thank you, Shel Silverstein.

Poem2Poem: Whosever room this is should be ashamed! / His underwear is hanging on the lamp. - Shel Silverstein

kenneth212: Safe to say Johnny Cash had nothing to do with "The Muppets" set including a Confederate flag. Explaining "A Boy Named Sue" to today's activists might prove more difficult(!) ... CC: The estate of Shel Silverstein

Poem2Poem: There is a place where the sidewalk ends / And before the street begins, - Shel Silverstein

OriginalCynOL: Shel Silverstein got me in the mood to pen a few silly poems of my own. Check them out under "New Poems" on the cover of my blog,

caitlangelesque: paige had a crush shel silverstein as a kid ......

X10Dickison: Daniel didn’t know who Shel Silverstein was and he’s never heard of any of his books. I married a dinosaur.

IvoryChronicles: Shel Silverstein was, and still is, a treasure.

zoeuhlexis: Nature taught me abundance s/o shel Silverstein I finally feel understood cus u validated me

klu100: this girl just said shel silverstein definitely hated children and honestly ?? made my morning

pocketbookking: “shel we’re almost read to publish the giving tree. what do you want the back cover to look like?” shel silverstein:

musicalmerry: was anyone else entirely terrified of shel silverstein’s photo as a kid bc this still strikes fear in my soul

user9888: "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."- Shel Silverstein

Poem2Poem: There's a Polar Bear / In our Frigidaire-- / He likes it ;cause it's cold in there. - Shel Silverstein

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