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  • Rubaiyat 41
    I wish that fate would cease this carnage,
    And to the lovers give their due wage.
    In times of youth the rein in my hands,
    Now on the saddle, I ride in old age....
  • Rubaiyat 13
    Every friend who talked of love, became a foe.
    Every eagle shifted its shape to a crow.
    They say the night is pregnant, and I say,
    Who is the father? And how do you know?...
  • Rubaiyat 30
    I spent my life chasing my wishes
    What benefits fate furnishes?
    Whomever to I said I loved you,
    Turned to my foe, why my luck ravishes?...
  • Here Will I Take My Rest
    My lady, that did change this house of mine
    Into a heaven when that she dwelt therein,
    From head to foot an angel's grace divine
    Enwrapped her; pure she was, spotless of sin; ...
  • Arise And Fill A Golden Goblet
    Arise! and fill a golden goblet up
    Until the wine of pleasure overflow,
    Before into thy skull's pale empty cup
    A grimmer Cup-bearer the dust shall throw. ...
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Sharghzadeh: the 'takhallus' is basically a dj tag but for a ghazal, hafiz shirazi on the beat, shams al-din made this, samaʿholics, etc
Khawarein: i needed to hang on to her curly ring, help me please, let my affairs take wing. said, release my hair, instead take my lips, let go of long life, with good times swing. shams al-din hafiz shirazi ❤️
Innovateshahid: if like me, you too fall in this trap, hold the wine and cup upon your lap. we are the lovers, burning our tracks, join us, if you can put up with the crap. shams al-din hafiz shirazi
Sherazrabani: your eyes enrapture, and colors pour, alas, your love’s arrows score. too soon you gave up on the lovers, alas, your heart has rocks in store. shams al-din hafiz shirazi
Sherazrabani: with good company and harp and reed in a corner, jug of wine and time to heed, the warmth of wine runs through my veins, why should i succumb to my greed? shams al-din hafiz shirazi
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