Today i am free from the prison.
You always tried to confined my thinking
You cut my wings; to satisfy your ego
You said you don't like winds
I closed my windows
You said you don't like Rain
I covered my skin
You said day is night and night is day
I said ok My Life
I always did all the things which made you happy
I always obeyed you, worshiped you
I treated you as a king
And i was like a slave to you, on which you can
apply your rules and whom you can torture
I killed my dreams my wishes to make you happy
But in return what you gave to me
I was the most beautiful creature of God
But you used me as a puppet
But Thank you
You made me strong
You made me much wiser
You remind me my worth
You made me understand what actually life is
Now i am happy in my life
I can live my life on my conditions
Now i have made a forever relation with God
He can guide me so i can now fly higher and higher in sky.