The Wind In The Hemlock Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Steely stars and moon of brassA
How mockingly you watch me passA
You know as well as I how soonB
I shall be blind to stars and moonB
Deaf to the wind in the hemlock treeC
Dumb when the brown earth weighs on meC
With envious dark rage I bearD
Stars your cold complacent stareD
Heart broken in my hate look upE
Moon at your clear immortal cupE
Changing to gold from dusky redF
Age after age when I am deadF
To be filled up with light and thenG
Emptied to be refilled againG
What has man done that only heC
Is slave to death so brutallyC
Beaten back into the earthH
Impatient for him since his birthH
Oh let me shut my eyes close outI
The sight of stars and earth and beC
Sheltered a minute by this treeC
Hemlock through your fragrant boughsJ
There moves no anger and no doubtI
No envy of immortal thingsK
The night wind murmurs of the seaC
With veiled music ceaselesslyC
That to my shaken spirit singsK
From their frail nest the robins rouseL
In your pungent darkness stirredM
Twittering a low drowsy wordM
And me you shelter even meC
In your quietness you houseL
The wind the woman and the birdM
You speak to me and I have heardM
If I am peaceful I shall seeC
Beauty's face continuallyC
Feeding on her wine and breadF
I shall be wholly comfortedN
For she can make one day for meC
Rich as my lost eternityC

Sara Teasdale


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