We are living in the world so peacefully
Where the injustice is living so happily
The world where water has no more lily
Where just the cruelty is raising highly

We need to work for a better world to live
Where goals of humanity should fully live
Where humans are extremely free to love
Where the hearts are like a white clean dove

A soul can emphatize those are in pain
It can sympathize all those going in vain
Where the creativity should come from brain
The hate should not keep increasing like sain

The world where black lives should matter.
Where a child can not be killed by mads as hatter.
Where the childhood should not turn into haunted shatter.
Where the poor can have food daily in their platter.

A world where dog should not be brutally fired
Where a pregnant elephant shouldn't eat pineapple cracked
Where the nation don't troll considering themselves skilled
Where the right of freedom of speech should be fulfilled.

A world who beleives in the Sovereignty of Allah Almighty
Where the hate, racism, injustice should not become mighty
Where the love grows deep and make every heart mighty.
Where only Allah Almighty should be high and mighty